The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters and Hordika Dragons design

its kinda hard to tell is Nidhiki female or male? also love the Krekka. (personally I would like a female Nidhiki)

Actually Nidhiki is male. I wanted to make him look thin and agile, but it’s a little hard to get that across with a minifigure body shape, well for me at least. Here’s also a picture i made of him in my notebook before i made the digital picture (And sorry for the bad image qualit. I don’t have any other way to taking a picture or scanning it.):

But ‘‘Amphibax’’ is female.


@Tempelbeast1 ok as before would have liked a female but i guess I can manage and could you make Krekka a big fig? oh yeah Im also making a custom set MOC with them (krekka and nidhiki) so stay tuned for it. and are the dark hunters part of the official story in any way other than being mentioned as mercenaries? I will also send some dark hunters ideas of my own Including: Antroz,Icarax,vamprah,and Chirox also some dark hunter soldier and tracker beast ideas

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It’s interesting to see your Dark Hunters as more detailed sketches than what the mini fig styles tend to allow. If you ever need a decent means of uploading sketches. I have an app on my cellphone called FastScan where you can snap photos with your camera and touch them up as if you were scanning them. I think there are versions of it compatible with most phones if that helps.

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character concept :VAMPRAH : was a poor matoran of Naho and stole for a living with his stealth and wits. once joined with Takadox before he acsended to the throne. afterward he left to Matora and seeing the Shadowed One’s encampment he went to raid it but was caught by Krekka and brought before the Shadowed One, who took pity and offered him power. all too readily he took the offer,his mistake because the Shadowed One then cursed him and fused him with the mask of hunger saying “from this day forward for all eternity you will hunger for the flesh of Ekimu’s children and always serve me” and the mask mutated him into a hideous bat-like creature and to this day hunts for matoran flesh. will send images as soon as I know how to draw on the computer


Oh well, what do I know about ruining characters.

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They are a guild of the best hunters, that work for any one who can pay for their services. But above else they work for the three Merchant Kings.

You can read the story bible for G3 here.

But can Krekka get Nidhiki?


The dark hunters are a guild of the deadliest, most dangerous, group of mercenaries, warriors and the occasional ex-criminal, with the goal being profit. They have connections in the black market and in Naho. The dark hunters work for the three Merchant Kings and who ever can pay for their services.

The only way they would fight the Toa is if someone would pay them to do so.

This maybe a bit too much mad max, or not enough mad max. I been waiting to say that since November.

Here’s Sentrakh on his targets trail.
‘‘If someone sent him after you, that means someone doesn’t want you alive.’’
-The Shadowed One

Sentrakh was the leader of a band of criminals. When he met The Shadowed One. He challenged him to a fight, were The Shadowed One won. Imprest he joined him on his quest. Him, The Shadowed One, “Ancient”, “The Recorder” and “Darkness” created The Dark Hunters guild.


Here’s the drawing of the Nidhiki sketch.


Here’s “Prototype”

I used a different type of shading than my older paintings. I Have to personally say i liked this type of shading more.

He’s a mechanic and a blacksmith. He loves to tinker with machines. Although he’s mechanic and a blacksmith he can still fight with surprisingly deadly efficiency.
If he creates a new gadget, armor or weapon, he usually gives it to another dark hunter to tested.


so I’m a bit late, but this one is my favorite, I love the colorscheme and design

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After I don’t know how long I have returned. I was working on other stuff. Anyways here are “Silence” (top) and “Darkness” (bottom):

For both of them I went for a more traditional ninja design with the dark blue clothes, boms and abilities. I also made “Darkness” be the older brother of “Silence”.

BIOS: “Darkness” was saved by The Shadowed One from death. Thankful he joined The Shadowed One on his quest and helped him in the founding of The Dark Hunters guild. Years later his younger brother found him after 7 years of searching. After catching up, “Darkness” introduced his brother to the person who saved his life: The Shadowed One. The Shadowed One asked if he wanted to join the guild. Grateful to The Shadowed One for saving his older brothers life he happily accepted The Shadowed Ones offer. Now he is known as “Silence”


He is a calm, cool and collected and a loyal Matoran, who does his work quickly and efficiently. But when he is not working he will be reading, meditating, training or is hanging around with his younger brother. He’s also a strict teacher.

“Silence” is much more lively and social than his older brother, but becomes serious when needed. When working, he is almost as quick and efficient as “Darkness”. But when he’s not working he likes to hang around public places and tries to impress Matoran women (He fails every time), trains or is hanging around with his older brother.

Abilities and Equipment
“Silence” and “Darkness” both use stealth to do their jobs. But the difference between their style of killing is: “Darkness” uses fear and hit and hide tactics when killing his opponents, while “Silence” uses sneak attacks and distractions to kill his opponents.

When it comes to equipment “Silence” and “Darkness” both use smoke bombs, shurikens and rope. But “Silence” also uses gunpowder, flash bangs and his twin kamas while “Darkness” has his blade, kunai and extra clothes for disguises.

When it comes to abilities, well their both fire Matoren so they can control fire.

Also i made a Deviantart account if any body wants to se more of mine art: TempleBeast735


Here are all the dark hunters excluding “Silence” and “Darkness”.

Small bits of info:

Lariska in her off time likes gardening and she also sells the fruits, vegetables and flowers for some extra income on the side. It’s also where se gets her poison.

Sentrakh is the only dark hunter that does not use his code name, mostly because everyone is afraid of him (Except for The Shadowed One, “Primal”, “Ancient”, ‘‘Amphibax’’, “The Recorder” and “Darkness”). “Prototype” is completely terrified of Sentrak.

Yes, “Tyrant” would jump and swim in a pool of money Scrooge McDuck style if given the opportunity.

‘‘Amphibax’’ is in hiding from the Arbiters.

“Conjurer” is a street magician in his free time.

“Ancient” visits his relatives in Nahoan on his days off.

The Shadowed One is the one who gives out assignments to the other Dark Hunters. The assignments can be big things like assassinations, information gathering, bodyguard work, etc. to small things like killing pests, guard duty etc. Dark Hunters even got a babysitting job once. The Shadowed One gave the job to “Conjurer” and “Vanisher”… They came back tired, covered in paint, food, and some unknown liquid and “Conjurer” also had a broken arm.

Krekka is older than Nidhiki.

Krekka has short-term memory loss from years of getting hit in the head by his opponents. Nidhiki has to constantly remind Krekka of their current mission.

Have nice day.


Heh, those are quite fun little bits.

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This is an good Christmas gift.
I wish I could remember who is who on the drawing.

The small lore tidbits made me smile.

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Thank you very much. I’m very happy that i made anybody happy.

And for who is who, from left to right:

First row:

  1. Umarak (’‘The Shadowed One’’)
  2. Lariska
  3. “Tracker”
  4. Nidhiki (’’ The Harvester’’)
  5. Krekka (’‘The Brute’’)

Second row:

  1. Amphibax (’‘The Sea Lurker’’)
  2. “Ancient”
  3. “Primal”
  4. “Conjurer”
  5. “Tyrant”

Third row:

  1. Sentrakh (’‘The Executioner’’)
  2. “Prototype”
    Hope this helps.

Happy holidays!

:fireworks:Happy new year to all. I wish you all a lot of happiness and health in 2019.:smile:

“Vanisher” just appeared from nowhere. No one knows where exactly he came from or who he is, and yes The Dark Hunters did see his face and tried to identify him, but no luck.

Here the picture without foreground:

“Vanisher” is weird. He acts and talks like a nobleman and even wears noble clothes, but his vanishing skills, efficiency in battling, killing and tracking, not to mention his wisdom says otherwise. He also has an annoying habit to appear out of nowhere. The other Dark Hunters… well let them tell what they think of him:

‘‘I swear to Ekimu, if he calls me wench one more time, I’M GOING TO THROW HIM IN FRONT A KIKANALO STAMPEDE!’’

  • Lariska

‘‘He always appears at the worst time. Do you know HOW many times He caused me to break one of my inventions.’’

  • “Prototype”

Stares…’’ No Comment.’’

  • “The Recorder”

‘‘As a fellow warrior of stealth, I’m impressed. as a fellow Matoran, I’m annoyed.’’

  • “Darkness”

‘‘How does He do that? Even I’m confused how He does it? I’m a bit imprest and jealous.’’

  • “Silence”


  • Sentrak

‘‘He’s odd, very odd.’’

  • “Ancient”

‘‘I was taught to never say bad things behind someone’s back.’’

  • Amphibax


  • Krekka

‘‘He’s actually a very nice guy. Weird, a bit annoying, and maybe a bit crazy, but nice.’’

  • Nidhiki

‘‘He’s great at his job but a bit annoying.’’

  • “Tracker”

‘‘I must say that I love his upbeat personality and his regal conduct, but it does get a bit annoying and his habit to appear from nowhere is very annoying.’’

  • “Conjurer”

‘‘I’m not sure if he’s serious or if he’s just messing with us?’’

  • “Tyrant”

‘‘He would be fun to hunt down.’’ Looks at a empty spot on his trophy wall.

  • “Primal”

‘‘I heard he’s not very popular with the other Dark Hunters, but that doesn’t matter to me. But what does matter to me, are great results. And I’m very impressed and happy with His results.’’

  • ‘‘The Shadowed One’’

Have a great day! :smile: