The Shakespeare Topic

Does Shakespearean literature interest you? Did you enjoy Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, or King Lear back in high school? Was Shakespeare the real and true author of the plays? (Rumor has it that the Earl of Oxford was the real author)

Post your responses below, but you must speak in Shakespearean english :wink:


Hast fun!


Here’s the Shakespearian version of my response:
i remember in 8th grade i had to read a midsummer nights dream. the plot was nothing special but mine english teacher made it all the moo fun with his sardonic personality. then in 9th grade our class read romeo and juliet then watch’d and compar’d and contras’d the 1968 film adaptation with the 1996 version.

In English:
I remember in 8th grade I had to read A Midsummer Nights Dream. The plot was nothing special but my English teacher made it all the more fun with his sardonic personality. Then in 9th grade our class read Romeo and Juliet then watched and compared and contrased the 1968 film adaptation with the 1996 version.


Ho! Wherefore am I speaking so corky?
This is thy fault, Rockho!
Rage is impli’d.


Wherefore hast thou this speech most cumbersome command’d? Much would I sayest of the Bard, but I think thy translator’s fidelity dubious, and too lethargic am I to write such prose at length.


Fine, you don’t have to speak in Shakespeare. :sweat_smile:

I just thought it’d be funny

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I hath always praised the work of the Bard
For indeed I have acted in four of
His plays. The first being A Midsummer
Night’s Dream, the second steampunk Hamlet with
Many gears and gizmos, thirdly being
Much Ado About Nothing set in the
Age of the eighties, and finally Macbeth,
The cursed play. Set in a terrible future.


Wherefore wilt we talk like this? I don’t like it.

Anyways, I’ve nev’r been a big fan of Shakespeare. Some of his stuff is pretty disturbing and unsettling. I’d prefer not to read much of his works. But that’s just mine thoughts.


Make up your mind, would ya?

I have. I don’t like it, never will.

Far as I’m concerned, Shakespeare is the greatest writer ever to live. He captured human nature better than anyone else. He’s also one of the greatest, if not the greatest, poet(s) ever.


What’s not to like about a man killing his daughter’s rapist and cooking him?

But yeah, I can see why you would not like some of his stuff.


Wow. Mine eyes hast been dupp. Who would’ve thought that @Chronicler actually hat’d something?

Now I sound cheesy, or old, or both. I’ll ignore this topic.

I abh’r a lot of things! Wherefore is this news?

You don’t always display any strong negative feelings, so I, at least, assumed that you hated nothing.

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I’m reading Macbeth in english class right now, and I actually like it!

I’ve also read Romeo and Juliet and The merchant of Venice.
I can say that I feel much worse for Shylock than I do for Romeo or Juliet.

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Has anyone read the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series by Ian Doescher?

Actually, there is a rock-opera version of the Romeo and Juliet. And I can love the crap out of it.


Shakespeare is a plagiarist who took an existing version of Romeo and Juliet and just revamped it, calling it his own.

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Proof? That’s a PRETTY big claim.