The "Show your Video Game Collection" Topic

I’m surprised there isn’t a topic regarding this yet. This is the place where you can present all the games you own.

This is mine

XBOX 360 games

Gamecube (Some of these I rarely play, mainly because I was never interested)


And though I cannot find a majority of them, I do have a list of handheld games I own

Nintendo DS Lite

  • BIONICLE: Heroes
  • Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood
  • New Super Mario Brothers
  • LEGO Battles: Ninjago
  • Pokémon Soul Silver
  • Pokémon Black


  • BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures

loud thud

Here’s my steam library. Give or take a few games


I honestly couldn’t be bothered to showcase my entire game collections, as I have 21 Consoles and over 250 games, but here is a taste for of my collection for the message boards.

A little bit new, a little bit retro.

My current Steam Library.

I don’t have a physical console (as of yet, I do plan on getting a PlayStation) yet I did buy this:


I used to collect LEGO Videogames a lot, but I kinda stopped, since I don’t really have time to play them all, but here is my little collection:

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Aw, look at my small Steam Library. It was so cute back then. It’s since tripled in size. sniff they grow up so fast.

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I don’t have too many nintendo handhelds, you don’t have enough

I’ve also got a wii, and a wii U, with several games for that, but I don’t have the exact count on me.


Bada bing bada boom let’s revive this topic from its doom!

Here’s the Wii and Gamecube games I have:

Nintendo DS games…

…and the cases. I obviously don’t have the case for every game, but I store them seperately anyways. The “Schatz im Silbersee” game is inside of the case because it’s crappy and I never play it. As for the bottom three… I only have the cases but not the games themselves, don’t ask me why. I have no idea.

N64 games:

And the loose SNES and Game Boy games (I don’t have a Game Boy, but the SNES adapter thing). These technically aren’t mine - the console, accessories and games all belong to a relative and I’ve just borrowed them. But since it’s borrowed “for an undisclosed time”, and they said that they never use it anyways - let’s just consider it part of the collection for now.

Now you may wonder, why did I say “loose games”? Well, these games here are all complete in box, with instructions, advertisement material and whatnot!

And lastly… PC games!

As a bonus, here’s the consoles themselves.

Wii with games and accessories, N64 with games and accessories, and SNES games and accessories:

Where’s the SNES, you may ask? Well, that one gets its own TV:

It’s a cool CRT that was sitting on the attic, waiting to be useful again. Since the SNES came with the correct cable to connect it, I decided to try it out - and the picture quality is awesome! The ySnes on a CRT somehow looks better than on my modern TV.

And lastly, here’s the DS. That yellow case you can see on the bottom right of the last image is its storage case, the console and games go inside there when not in use.

Man, this post got longer than expected. I hope you found it interesting.


I think the term is “resurrect”, not “revive”, good sir…

most of my video games are in storage unfortunately barring my switch collection so here it is

also I found an image of most of my other games, with a little teaser of my CD collection for good measure. Not shown: some old LEGO CD games + some GBA games that live in the DS game cases

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