The Silver Bladed Sentinel

Name: The Silver Bladed Sentinel

Description: Silver and white, the Sentinel of Might! With steel blade wings and his trusty harpoon-staff, The Silver Bladed Sentinel swoops down on evil doers and rights all wrongs! His trademark move involves folding his wings together and performing the invincible bladed roll!

Comments: Just a fun MOC made with not much effort. Initially meant to be a character that has multiple blades hovering on a ring on his back, the wings were discovered by accident to look better. Inspired by the Superior Iron Man and Ultimate from "A Once Crowded Sky", by Tom King (Great book! :D)

See more photos here. Thanks for stopping by! :3


This looks really good. Nice solid color scheme that doesn't break much, and nifty wings. My only complaint is a simple body design, 9/10


He's so angelic yet rugged and warrior-like at the same time! I love it!

The open sockets on his harpoon-staff are my only complaint.

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I like it, it reminds me of something I would make. Only real suggestion for change is the spear.

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I really love this MOC, but there isn't much to be said other than what was said above.

If you could change that piece with the open sockets on the spear with one of these

It would probably look better on him.

Otherwise, great MOC! I like the color scheme, the overall design, and the idea to him.


This is a very nice moc!
I like it's classic Metru look. But, I agree with OculusNuva, it would be nice to use a piece he suggest.

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Ooooooh! Shiny!

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I like this guy, he looks like he would be a sentinel

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well, it looks like nuju and norik did the fusion dance.

but it looks nice for what it is.


nice moc.

is that stand made out of lego or custom or from a figma or something?

Yes!! I was thinking about this piece too! XD I kind of have this piece, but it's in an unopened set of Furno XL (which is a bootleg :S), so I worked with what I have at the moment :3

@Waaja It's a Gunpla (Gundam Model) stand :3

Thank you all for the replies! Really appreciate it! >.<

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Pretty cool MOC. I have one that's called The Silver Sentinel, but I didn't realize the name was pretty much taken. oh well. Nice wing design, although they look a little too far out from the body, I don't know how that would affect stability. The spear is a good design, too.

neat. looks like an angel.

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