The Sixteen Realms

Ok first you must watch these episodes of ninjago
.Kingdom Come

.Curse World Part II

if you have watched them you will understand what I’m about to start a topic about

OK we have these realms down so far.

Ninjago/ Ultra Agents, The Curse Realm, Garmadon’s Realm, The Underworld, Chima, Cloud Kingdom, Monster Realm,

Candidates: Bionicle (g2 and possibly g1), Hero Factory, And Lego Knights

Things definitely not on the list:
.The Lego Movie
.Lego Dimensions


10 left, here are my selections;

  • Ultra Agents Realm (A massive amount of Ultra Agents characters appeared in Ninjago)
  • Lego Movie Realm (Divided into segments)
  • Duplo Realm (Though this may just be combined with the Lego Movie Realm)
  • Hero Factory Realm (If Hero Factory had been popular it would likely have appeared)
  • Elves Realm (Connected to the human realm)
  • Human Realm (Connected to the Elves Realm - they don’t have Lego)
  • Princess/Friends Realm
  • Knights/Castle Realm (Given the return of Castle for 2016, seems likely)
  • Real Life Realm (Where real people reside - Lego exists as a toyline)
    -Bionicle Realm (Similar to the Hero Factory Realm)

There is also several different dimensions introduced in Lego Dimensions such as Back To The Future, Portal, Doctor Who, etc… however I doubt any of those are directly connected to Ninjago and seem separate from the realm idea.

There is also at least two different variations of the Human Realm (Seen in Lego Movie and Lego Elves) however that seems to be a place where the rules change, so it seems separate. The Elves version may actually be the ‘Friends’ realm.


i would have put ultra agents but i forgot

and i dont really think elves, friends, the lego movie, etc. fit in

by the way WHAT IS THIS?



and on the subject of lego knights

does this wizard look farmiliar to you?


Is the underworld really a full realm though?

yes, if they got to it using the realm crystal it is likely one of the realms

Could there be more than just sixteen realms? There could be others that the first Spinjitzu master did not create. After all, he isn’t a god, and did not exist forever. He died. So he must have come from a different realm besides these sixteen.

When did it say he created them all

Yes, though its worth noting the Realm Crystal is not the only way to get to different realms. Chances are there are tons of different methods and the Realm Crystal is simply the easiest.

As far as I am aware he didn’t create the realms, merely created or had the realm crystal to travel between them. Chances are he originated from another realm entirely and simply went to Ninjago for some piece or tranquillity which led him to found the art of Spinjitzu.

It could also be a way of explaining his wife… that he must have had in order for Wu and Garmadon to be born. It also explains how Ninjago was founded if people crossed over from other realms, though that’s more a fan theory.

Indeed, hoping they have him as the villain for Lego Movie 2 (Given Castle sets are returning next year - so maybe Vladek also)


I remember it saying that in either the cloud kingdom episode or the one before it.

wait i had no idea there coming back

Castle tends to return every 3 years and the Lego wiki is under belief it will return in 2016 - founded via a member on Eurobricks apparently enquiring about it and being told it would return late 2015/early 2016.

If it does then I expect they’d give it a realm as that would allow Ninja’s to fight Knights or Dragons and stuff like that and would help boost the popularity of the castle theme.

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most of the connections are being made through ninjago, so I’m gonna say it is the primary realm

remember how in the nindroids era pixel repairs Zane? there was a blue glowing orb in his center, pixel says his father got it from spare parts. IT IS A CHI ORB! no question, but where did Zane’s father get it?

and in season 4 there are a bunch of early elemental masters

I think that the characters from knights kingdom (not from Lego movie) were among these people

On the second episode it says Englisch. Englisch.

Anyways, I don’t what he ninjago so I don’t entirely know what your talking bout but from what can gather there are 16 realms (aka Lego themes) that are all connected. Am I correct?

Well the Earth Elemental does use a Vladek helmet… so its possible I suppose. There are definitely some Knight-looking figures there.

Essentially yes, but some of them are not Lego theme based realms, some are just random locations. Several have been revealed and people are speculating about the rest

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I want to see Mixels be a canon part of the multiverse.

(Fanfiction with @CommanderSpencer about the Mixels being a continuation of BIONICLE aside)

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mixels has no story line whatsoever

That’s why we made one up

just watched chima scene in ninjago again. Morro be like “OH NO! its the furries!”


Knights Kingdom Reboot 2016.


heh, imagine there’s a realm for every lego theme?