The Skulls

Here we have a little project I've been working on. A bunch of spooky skeletons just in time for Halloween!

Yes indeed, I have made my own revamped versions of the skull villains from last year! I'm pretty proud with how all of these turned out!


So, here we have warrior! He was the first one I made, and I'm fairly happy with the finished product! I just wish I made him a bow...


For slicer, I was really inspired by Greivous, as you can probably tell by the neck and legs. The one thing I don't really like is that he doesn't have any back armour, since I ran out of trans green armour shells


Honestly, scorpio is the one I'm least proud of. I couldn't chang his legs for fear he wouldn't be able to stand up, and he just doesn't look to good. I do like his tail and claws though!


Basher might be one of my favourites, with his burley design and his shoulder armour! However, with the way his legs are designed, you can't really get him into many good poses. Credit goes to DrScorpionX for the feet design.


My big goal with Kulta was to make him tall and menacing, and where I do think I succeed, he still isn't that much taller than basher (minus his horns). That being said, I do really like how he turned out! I really love his horns, as they look fairly similar to the ones in the animations!

Overall, I'm fairly happy with how these turned out! The big thing I wanted with all of them is better articulation, which for the most part, I think I succeeded! All of them, with the exception of scorpio use the 2016 torso for waist articulation, and I just feel,like they're better action figures now! Anyways let me know what you guys think! Do you like them? Do you not like them? Any constructive criticism is very much appreciated!


My favorite has to be skull scorpio. It's just SO much more menacing now!
Splendid work, they look like they could be real sets!

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Scorpio might just be the best!

Slicer seems fine, nothing too wrong with him.

Warrior is just a bigger warrior which is what it should be.

Scorpio really has a menace to him! Though his legs still have the same problem they have, I would have made them CCBS limbs with those spike parts as the feet.

Bashers legs are pretty bad, the skull spider masks don't do much to cover the bone pieces, and the feet should really be the hoof piece that Onuas's hammer uses.

Grinder is probably my least favorite, he looks incredibly lanky and not very imposing other than his hight and massive club, and I can't help but see those horns as weird bunny ears instead, he should be redone IMO.

Basher's legs don't really work, and using those LOSS-leg pieces as horns on Kulta reminds me more of folded-down rabbit ears; horns usually 'curl up,' not down as those pieces do ever so slightly. However, other than that they all look very nice. Nothing revolutionary, but a solidly spooky squad all the same. I'm particularly fond of Slicer getting the Grievous treatment. Everything is improved by the Grievous treatment.

I like most of them, but I think Basher's legs are a bit meh. And If I were you, I would have attached the horns a bit differently.

I think basher would look great with slicer's legs. Other than that, good

@king328 Thanks a lot!


Really? I thought he was the worst!

Yeah, I would have done that, but I was worried he wouldn't stand up.

Thinking about it now, you're right. I should scrap Basher's legs and start over with them. I was using those custom feet in place the hoof pieces because I only have one of the hoof pieces in silver :sweat:

That was my problem with grinder. I was trying to get him to be as big a possible, but that just made him long and slim. Personally I thought it looked great because it made him more skeletal, but I guess that was just my own personal bias.

Anyways, thank you for the critique! I'll be sure to keep this in mind if I revisit these MoCs!

@Scorpion_Strike No real reply for your rebuttal for your critique. Everything you said is pretty much true. Anyways, thank you!

@Altair Yeah, I'm gonna rework the legs. I might also find a new way to attach the horns, but personally I like them the way they are.

@TheMoltenKing I'll keep that in mind... Anyways, thank you!

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If you want I can share the way I attached the horns in my own Skull Basher revamp, if it can help you.

Sure! That would be great!

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These look great, much better than the sets in most cases.

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There you go.

I think they look great.

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These look awesome!

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Feel free to use the design.

aint that a change in pace

Not the biggest fan of these, but I think they're alright. Except Grinder, I'm not really a fan of his design at all, especially with the horns, which really kill the head for me.

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I get what you were doing here and for what you wanted to achieve you do a good job.

My problem is with the goal.

Removing the gearboxes seriously criples the figures. The sets upper arms and much of there torsos is a massive part of these figures. I guess I don't understand why you would want to do that. The can have their gearboxes and the 2016 torso. And the gearboxes really don't hinder that much articulation at all. That's probably why Scorpio is everyone's favorite, he didn't have a gearbox originally.

But for what you wanted to achieve I guess you did the best job you could've.

But you do deserve a clap for how well you're handling people's criticisms. Most of the time you thank them, that shows a lot of maturity. You have definitely earned my respect.


Ive seen it been done before, with the 6 legs it should be fine :wink:

I know that feel.

I think I can see that now, I think my issue is that the armor doesn't cover a lot of the limbs, basically just use longer shells on him (and they're hard to get in those colors :expressionless:) Not a fan of the shoulders either, I feel like the lack of the really compact beefy look around the shoulders takes away from his look, oh and maybe custom hands would be cool, to make him more imposing and big looking.
Or maybe I'm just spoiled by all the titan ones people make.

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The problem I had with the gear boxes was that they didn't really have enough friction, and as cool as the function was, I just wanted to make some action figures that are kind of like display pieces. Even though I'm just going to take these apart in a few hours to make something new That being said, I do see where you're coming from. They don't really hinder articulation in any noticeable way, and they do help to bulk up a set. I just didn't really want to include them.

Thank you so much!


Yeah, my problem is I can't make myself mix my HF and G1 Bionicle parts with my G2 parts. I probably have some good pieces in with my HF stuff, but I don't want to mix them for some reason. Also, now that you mention it, the shoulders are a bit problematic. You see, I really liked what I did with warrior's shoulder armour and I wanted to replicate it, but it doesn't really suit him. I probably would have been better suited to make him a titan Also, I really like your idea to give him custom hands!

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Pretty solid and much improved from the originals.

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Thanks, man!