The Snake REVAMPED: Zeta Zaktan

Yep, working on @Viper 's love of Zaktan(or apperant love, idk) and because I was bored and needed something to do, I present: Zeta Zaktan!

Possible story application(to my story I mean):

Created from the remaining cells of Zaktan after his 'destruction', this clone being is enhanced with better strength and a more powerful eyebeam. Used as a research tool, this berserk clone, somehow retaining memories of his genetic template, escaped the facility he was held in and eventually regained his old weapon. Now on the loose, this Piraka double is a foe to all and a friend to none...


and ofcourse, Zeta Zaktan terrorising Jeris since she's a matoran... I guess?

Critiques and Comments are nice


I like the upper body, but everything below the hips is kinda meh standard ya know? It looks cool though, something tells me Viper's going to be a fan.


His legs look a little too scrawny. But it's great otherwise; I especially like his lower arms and how you dealt with the "arm" parts of his spine.


I would have made custom upper legs and used the original piraka shins, I really like the design of them though, so that may be biased.

the upper body is great though! the torso is a clever design, though, the waist is a little thin(even just a tire there would help).


The forearms are very clever. It looks like he has armor there.

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I love everything from the upper waist! smile

Everything lower looks to thin to me...

But, emphasis on, I love everything from the upper waist!!! smiley

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Creative upper body, lower body and legs leave a lot to be desired. Even if they're going to be standard you could at least armor them up.

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It's interesting, and does some cool tricks. But overall it's very awkward looking.

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This is so cool! Truthfully, I didn't really like the Piraka. I mean sure I'd buy them but they weren't as creative as they could be and this shows this all! I love the gold in the chest and the colour scheme not only is the same as the original set but stays with this one too!

Great moc and keep on mocing!

Love that custom torso! I have pretty much the same gripes as everyone else. The waist is pretty thin and the lower legs (while I think they look fine) could use a bit more bulk.

this is really good

Same gripes as everyone else. That being said, I am absolutely in love with how you did the forearms; I may just have to borrow that technique some time.

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Revamp FTW! Welp, i like him (give instructions and i will make myself the blue one! Mabey

The arms are pretty cool. If I had to make a complaint, it would be what everyone else is saying. Those legs......IDK, just bulk them up a little.