The Snow Hermit

I built this guy a while ago, and I’m not too happy with him. Figured I’d post him, since I’m going to be offline for a week anyways.


There’s a mixel eye in the scope, but I couldn’t get the white dot alligned this time. I’ve done it in the past, so take my word for it.

Anyways, thoughts? Critiques?



Simple, yet effective. Nice work OmegaTahu. If I were to make one complaint however, it would be that the thighs look a little strange. Maybe have them a little more flat?

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Yeah, thighs are definitly not the best part about the build. They force the knees to stay at an angle. I wouldn’t be able to make them to flat though, as it needs the have the bracket piece to stop from turning. Thanks though!

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The detailing on the Great Matatu does kinda contrast with the overall smoother textures, but it’s not to a degree where its unbearable. In fact, there’s something about its expression that makes certain poses very charming.

I love his posture, it is definitely representative of a hermit in my opinion.

Does this hermit work out?