The Soulbreaker (Weapon)

The Soulbreaker is a weapon shrouded in mystery, only seeming to manifest every few hundred years…

Excerpt from “Duravix’s Addendum”:

                        "It appears to me that the blade has a will of it's own.
                 Seldomly emerging before an individual in the physical world following a
                 traumatic event. Only one wielder has been recorded among the archives
                 that I can find. And it seems the blade slowly drained the wielder of their  
                 life force until the blade finished "feeding". The blade then vanishes until 
                 it's prepared to feed once more. Few sightings have been recorded after
                 this, but no wielders...fascinating..."

The Soulbreaker appears before RaiLyn

RaiLyn Wielding the Soulbreaker.

I’ve had this made for about two years now but finally got around to posting it here ha. I have a few MOCs im waiting to upload but for now, here is a weapon. :smile:


it’s an… alright sword


It’s soul edge,

It’s clearly soul edge.

I mean that said it looks fine, but it’s so obviously soul edge.


You are right
Now I really want to make Cervantes soul edge

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This looks cool. :+1:

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never heard of it lol

just went and looked it up and holy crap you’re right haha

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It is really nice to see weapons like this.

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So… Soul Edge?

Dang it! I am late to the party.

In all seriousness, this looks great!


Ugh it seems everybody played soul caliber except me lol. Ive never even heard of this soul edge and when i looked it up i was really sad.

I have had similar things happen before. Sometimes good ideas are already taken. If it is any consolation, this version is much better looking. It is less ugly and gross.

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Good use of the Krika blade piece, I haven’t seen that part used all to often in MOCs

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Well, it’s a good LEGO soul edge.

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ugh, enough with the soul edge comments. I’ve never even played that game and when I looked it up i was pretty frustrated. at least there are key story changes. :expressionless: