The Soundtrack of the BIONICLE Films

Greetings I have wanted to make this topic for quite a long time. this topic that I have created is to discuss the music to Bionicle. Why I made this topic was because I rewatched all the Bionicle films. to see if they held up today and honestly has as people tend to know they do not hold up that good. With my recent viewing I saw something I didn’t see before that the Bionicle soundtrack by Nathan Furst is honestly amazing. I honestly think this second film and the third film have the best music in Bionicle. why I bring this up is that I wonder for the show that is coming next year I wonder what kind of music it have in the show will it be kids stuff or will it be adult and epic like gen 1. another thing I think about is how lucky we were to have a composer like him for a straight to DVD movie his work is honestly top-notch. Bionicle has always had him great music since 2001 from the confrontation of Teridax in the flash animations so I wanted to ask everyone here what do you think makes Bionicle’s music so different and so good I don’t know how blinded by nostalgia or if this is the critical soundtrack person I am so I wanted to ask everybody here what you guys think of Bionicle’s music and what do you think of the soundtracks from all the previous films and what do you think will be implemented in the Netflix TV show I’m very curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you


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honestly, looking back on it all, Bionicle has had some fantastic music in general

Film music being the best IMO

Lhikan’s death track is the best thing to come out of 04.
I like the piece that much.

When I think Bionicle music, I think this music.

Also, I want to see an electric guitar remix of the main theme.

I freakin love the soundtrack for all the movies (but TLR was kind of forgettable outside of the song “Ride” that played during the credits). They really capture the sense of mystique and adventure of the franchise though also the overall tone of the films.

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I personally love the theme(s) for Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows, just that heroic them you hear in the opening backstory/intro really makes you think of this as the “Glory Days.” Personally, I’m not too fond of Mask of Light’s soundtrack, but it still has some amazing pieces, nonetheless. I found a few pieces in The Legend Reborn’s soundtrack okay, but mostly the theme when they’re fighting the Bone Hunters and the Scopio in the canyon.

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I am surprised anyone remembers ride I loved that sound. Lhikan’s death music was really powerful and the same goes for time and the final vision. I think the most memorable music was for sure Bionicle legends of Metru Nui as the themes are unforgettable.

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