The Story of My Self-MOC, Karion

Karion once lived in a village on the borderline of Po and Onu-Koro, filled with the remaining Va-Matoran, who had to hunt and protect their village to survive. It was a nice and peaceful place, until one day, a group of Makuta showed up and raided it, killing off Matoran left and right. It was a horrible sight.

One Va-Matoran named Karion made a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life. He ran away. Away from his home. Away from his friends. Away from the Makuta. For days that’s all Karion did. Run. Until finally, he was lost in the deserts of Po-Koro. To survive, he did what he learned from the village, but had to take it to a whole new level. So much so, he became something new. Karion became a monster. After becoming extremely desperate, he saw a pulsating thing in the sand- a toa stone! A few days later, he got out of the desert, into a nearby village!

That day, Karion vowed to destroy all Makuta he came across, in revenge for his village. One day, when he figured out how to use his powers, he attacked the one who orchestrated the raid- Makuta Chariak. He ripped his armor off. “Have mercy!” He pleaded. “Mercy? You’re asking for MERCY?! YOU, who destroyed my village? You, who KILLED all of my FRIENDS?!? NO! Mercy is not something I can give!” Karion growled, before he finished the job. It was finished. But he still had a mission- to exterminate the plaque that is the Makuta.


Wow I thought your self MOC would be a Tuma revamp or The Son of Tuma or something like that.

But anyways groovy man.

My self-MOC’s a Tuma revamp now
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