The strength of the Kanohi Garai

What is the strength of the Kanohi Garai? Is it possible for it to control gravity in ways that would damage the GSR?


Not with raw power, no. In summary, the Kanohi Garai probably could not damage the Matoran Universe, but it’s at least partially due to the design of the universe, rather than a limitation in the power of the Garai.

For starters, it has been said that the Garai (and any Elemental Kanohi) grants its bearer Toa-level control over its Element:

Then, it has also been said that the Matoran Universe is designed to contain the planet-destroying potential of a Nova Blast:


Thanks! I had thought that that was how it worked. I suppose that users would still be unable to create a Nova Blast of Gravity, right?

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It has not been stated but we can safely assume this to be the case since toa level control does not necessarily mean toa level of energy.

So kanohi Garai is a full elemental mask of gravity?

Masks of telekinesis and telepathy are only partially psionic, I thought garai was the same since its name was not kanohi "Ba"rai, similar to "av"ohkii and "kra"hkan.

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There has never been any official link between the Matatu or Komau and the actual Element Psionics. They can do the same thing, but they have never once been referred to as “Psionic” Kanohi, partially or otherwise.

The Kanohi Garai is canonically the Elemental Kanohi of Gravity. The name has nothing to do with its power, and just comes down to the fact that there were no “Ba-” names on Greg’s list:

It has specifically been stated that Elemental Kanohi allows their users to create the respective Element, but not absorb it:

However, in the specific case of Gravity and the Garai, that doesn’t necessarily prevent a Nova Blast from being performed with a Garai, since Toa of Gravity can’t absorb gravity either:


Unless, perhaps, if they were to create a “white hole” Nova Blast, one of complete negative gravity. Even so, yeah, that would lead to crazy problems, since that would leave the Toa experiencing extreme vertigo, disorientation, and essentially being weightless.

I would-more so say the mask cannot perform a Nova Blast because it is a Toa-exclusive ability (outside of Mata Nui’s empowered Glatorian). Makuta can accomplish something similar, but it still doesn’t count as a real Nova Blast.


Lack of gravity and extreme gravity are both things that a Toa of Gravity can do:

Where has it been said that the mask cannot perform a Nova Blast?


I believe it’s implied because a Nova Blast requires Toa Power. Unless a Garai is imbued with Toa Power, it cannot cause a Nova Blast.

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Again, where has this been said?

I didn’t claim that was stated. I claimed it was stated Nova Blasts were Toa-exclusive, and inferring that may mean the mask cannot do that. The mask is giving you Toa-level control over Gravity, which is not the same as giving you all the abilities of a Toa.

Only Toa can use Nova Blasts; Makuta, as elemental users cannot, but this does not mean Makuta are worse with their element.

In fact, the Makuta are considered to have greater elemental powers than even the Toa Nuva:

A Bohrok-Kal also has the same level of elemental powers that a Toa or Elemental mask, but this does not mean they can perform a Nova Blast.

Even when it came to the Glatorian, Greg was at first hesitant as to whether they could even do it at all:

My argument is not that the mask definitively cannot be used to do a Nova Blast, but that Nova Blasts have been stated to be Toa (or Glatorian)-exclusive, which it would contradict.


I believe it was somewhere on BioSector01.

Bs01 defines a nova blast as “an explosive release of all the Elemental Energy that a Toa contains.”


I can’t find anything on BS01 saying that.

Even if it was there before, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was canon; BS01 only documents canon, they don’t determine it. If it was there and was removed, I’d be willing to bet it was because it was uncited.

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Ok. Upon seeing others posts, I think I just was confused with my reasoning. You had the correct explanation already.