The super (lame) amazing Pot8o MOC!

Greetings once again. I have decided to do another MOC of one of my friends.
now this was from a few months ago, so by now this is scrapped and the parts have been used for other things, and to be honest, I am not really proud of this MOC, but I just thought it would be nice to have a MOC of my bro @pot8o .

So here he is, in all his starchy glory!

Lookin' fancy.

High five!

"Would you stop doing that?"


Nuva Masks.

"I told you not to go on that roller coaster."

Hope you enjoyed it.
Even though I didn't put much effort into this MOC I would still like to hear you people's opinions on it.



keyblade is awesome
Falcon punch is awesome

gold is a little wierd..
but otherwise I give it my pot8o r8ing of 8/8 m8
I shall maybe never be rebuilt, but this was really nice of you


Thanks, bro, if you want instructions/a better look at the Keyblade, I can give it to you.

And if I really wanted to have you in another photoshoot, I could probably easily rebuild you. So who knows, you might make a comeback one day.

my hau will lie in the parts bin
Staring into your soul


That top hat is so rad it's beyond words.

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Those are some nice PEZ dispensers you got there...

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Haha, I use those as a background since I don't really have anything else that's tall enough.

@Collector Thanks! I have had that thing for years and every once in a while I find something to do with it.


I dont Recognise that Round Piece on Keyblade... and i have alot pieces of that kind

The round piece on the handle was exclusive to the original StarWars UCS X-Wing set.
The set only came with four of them and they have yet to make a second appearance.

So they are Alpha Team Turbine pieces, but Whout Beam :?

Yeah pretty much, except they have axle holes instead of pin holes.

Well, interesting piece then, sad that it probaby costs alot