The Tail Of The Rahitoran

Once, there was a bird, then he dies.


But seriously this time, there was a bird, and this bird was the best bird. But one day, he came across a vast dungeon. Where he had to face the most dangerous traps ever, but, if he were to pass through the dungeon, until the end, without being dead, which was never done before, he would gain a great treasure, the Staff Of Plagues.
What does it do? You ask? Well, nobody knows, because they have all died, except one bird, but, little did he know, that there was a powerful being guarding the staff, and this bird would have to fight with this powerful being and win, in order to retrieve the staff.

Let The Battle Begin!

And Of Course The Bird Won.

And So, this bird claimed the great Staff Of Plagues, and continued his journey, to be the most powerful bird in the nest, even though he is technically a matoran so he doesn’t live in a nest? I don’t know. Anyway, He now lives on to this day, and continues his adventures, as the best rahitoran around!

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The bird is actually my self-moc, but! I do have one last thing to say, the Staff Of Plagues was actually a staff I made a LONG time ago, originally for a completely different character, and I don’t even remember who it was for ¯\(ツ)/¯ but hey, all that is really important is that it was designed for a completely different story and character, and after all these years I still have it, and it is absurdly huge in comparison to it’s owner.
My Self Moc

Interesting name for an interesting moc.

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it’s not really a name as much as a title of it’s species, but ok.

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