The Takuma Nuva Website Development Stream

As mentioned in the previous episode of TTV, I'm working on rebuilding the website (not the forums, for now at least). The stream will be going when I'm coding which is whenever I have the time and feel like it; there will be no set schedule. I also make no guarantee that the stream quality won't be awful, though I can always adjust things like resolution in the future if it sucks hard.

Those who wish to tune in and watch, learn, and/or ask question may do so at


Oooh! Coding...

Ooh. That's pretty sweet, takuma!

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bookmarks the page

Thou must inform us when the next stream is.

Coding = my worst enemy

you have my sympathy

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Well that was interesting. Next time I'll have to make sure to shake fewer buttons....

UPDATE: The button has been defeated! Muahahahaha!

Take that, you filthy button.