The TakumaNuva appreciation topic!

As @TakumaNuva's favorite fan I took it upon myself to create this topic.
Anyways you met him as a BZP Mod and a host of the Powercast and now he is your favorite cannibalistic TTV host.
So here you can show all the praise you have for him.


Can't be official without TTV input, plus fan clubs are illegal.

pretends I have the power to close topic

Topic closed.


i thought that people just put official there for fun stuck_out_tongue well its fixed now

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Takuma is best Nuva


He's the king of cannibalism and Rock Raiders LP series-es.


His voice is so swag.


I would love to see a show of just Takuma reading short stories and commenting on them.


Maybe short fanfictions that aren't necessarily great. Kinda like the Invictus Analysis, but for Fanfictions. stuck_out_tongue


I loved Takuma on the Powercast and when I heard that he would be on TTV I did not believe it. Until I heard his sexy voice on the next episode. That is when I learned that TTV Takuma and Powercast Takuma are NOT the same. But i love both versions the same.

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@Greencapps My favorite fan, eh? That's quite the bold statement to make! Not only do I have a lot of fans to choose from, but who's to say what happens to each of my favorites over the years??? >8D

RE: Podcast differences, I'm sure they exist though I can't be sure to what extent. I'm sure the format makes a difference though. The BZPowercast was really organized when it was running. We'd plan the segments out weeks in advance, record over multiple sessions, and all sorts of things. It was a good run, but we just didn't have enough staff with their heart in keeping it running so there were several episodes where I felt like we were just grasping at straws to force out an episode on time. Very unlike TTV where each cast member is here specifically for the podcast, records it all in one big go, and gets a bit manic at times. Both good formats if they have the people to back it.

Truth be told, there are a couple things that never got to see the light of day for the BZPowercast. Those of you who listened to it may recall the just-for-fun "Matoran Cuisine" segment where Nuju Metru and I described a full-course dinner made from Bionicle Flora and Fauna. I totally came up with that idea and we wanted to do more, but never got around to it. Specifically, I had the idea to do a multi-episode radio play and I had a really cool story and premise with it. Unfortunately, my idea meant that everybody looked to me to actually write the script. I didn't have the time to do it and when it was hard enough finding people to be on the podcast every month that made it difficult to write in specific staff members. How was I supposed to know who would be available for playing their role when I finished writing?

All in all, the thing that really matters to me is that I still get to have my podcasting kicks to make up for the fact that I gave up my career in radio broadcasting. Heck, this is probably even better because I get to talk about LEGO/Bionicle and more interaction with all you guys. Honestly, I hate to even call you fans because then I feel like I'm talking down to all y'all. I'd rather be on the same level where we can all be meats.


I meant to say mates.

@squeaverking Somehow I feel like I'd lose to just about any of the Toa Nuva in a fight. d=

@ToaVuhii Oh gosh, I'm so ashamed that I haven't put out more RRLP episodes. Scheduling with Zatth to record them when we both have crazy schedules is a nightmare.

@Shaymin36 "Swag". I hate when people use that word seriously, but it makes this hilarious.

@Helryx08 (and Vuhii again) That is legitimately a great idea! I've always been quite the fiction writer and this would not only be potentially hilarious, but it would be a great opportunity for "fan-interaction" and I could also offer some actually legit tips for budding writers. I'm gonna run this by the others and see what they think.


What if Takuma hosts a show that is not a review of sets, not an analysis of current issues in the community, not dramatic commentary of online purchases, not game reviews, not even a overview of canon... but simply him sitting down and unscripted playing with Lego Friends sets while adding dialogue. "TTV PRESENTS "Lego Friends RAW" hosted by TakumaNuva."

"Hey Jerks. Its Takuma and this week I'm gonna play with set number 5164 Beach Pals Bludgeony. Lets get started shall we?"

Not only is it a chance for him to get his own segment but now they can broaden their audience range with female centered Lego themes.


That is the best idea ever!

Fanclubs aren't allowed. @Nyran, @Scarilian, a little help here?

TTV Member fanclubs are fine.

I didn't feel like I'd need to specify, but I forgot that two of them didn't have them yet.

So yeah, this topic stays.


you said it not me in the chat of the live stream stuck_out_tongue

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Yeah, well, your face.


You'd eat the nuva though, right?

In the YouTube cast, he said I should get a shout out cause I said I'm an attention hog. (Ironically he got the shout out.) But I didn't know him till then, or at least, didn't know him enough to recall.

Well said.



takuaumanuva is pretty cool

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I haven't seen enough TTV episodes to actually know anything about TakumaNuva.