The Technoblades

So, the Technoblades. All we know about them is that they can "hack" into machinery, and that they can be used to wipe Borg's systems from viruses, including the Digital Overlord.

Let's go over what we know.
-The Technoblades are Gold in color
-The Technoblades can reformat and reconfigure the outer shape and colors, and inner mechanisms of machinery
-The Technoblades can combat the properties of the Overlord

Now, call me crazy, but based on that, I think we're dealing with objects with Golden Power.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Nyran, Golden Power doesn't work on the Overlord, so how could the Technoblades work on him if they use Golden Power?"

Well I'm glad you asked, hapless reader. Allow me to use this analogy.

Let's say I am holding a steel sword, and I strike you with it.

Obviously, the sword would cut you, and you would be injured.

Now, let's say I strike you with a steel sword, but you are wearing steel armor.

This time, the sword does not penetrate, because your armor of the same substance is just as strong as my weapon.

For the sake of stretching the Analogy, let's say the Overlord's armor(in this case, his computers he's stuck in at this point), also doubles as a teleporter to a smelting pool, thus acting as a filter to use the stuff for later machinations.

However, if you swap out your steel sword for say...steel bullets, then the added force will penetrate the steel armor.

That is to say: The technoblades use computer science and things to strike the source, getting past the machines that would normally absorb Golden Power, and shutting down the Overlord Virus at a machine's core.

And in addition, using its Golden Power to reformat the entire vehicle, much like Lloyd's natural Green Power can do, as he did to one of Chen's buggys.(After all, the Green Power is just a weaker form of Golden Power).

Now, the next thing you may wonder is: "Nyran, where could Cyrus Borg have gotten the resources necessary to build tools with Golden Power?"

Well, dear reader, the answer is simple.

The Golden Peaks, the place where the First Spinjitzu Master got the materials for his four golden weapons.

Using similar priciples(such as elemental division), Creation/Golden Power, and Borg's own software, he was able to create basically four magic sticks that could do basically anything to other machines.

What are your guys' thoughts and theories or the like on the Technoblades?


It sounds like a neato band name.


I thought you were talking about Star Trek for a sec. Borgs and Borg's are easily confused, you know!

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Huh, never thought of it that way..



good idea......

I dunno.....

While I agree with the rest, I'll slightly interject here. We can be fairly certain that Lloyd's Golden Power would equate to Creation, element-wise. However, Green Power is more likely a reference to Lloyd's actual element, Power. If you're not sure about his element being Power, he actually refers to it himself during Tournament of Elements.

Power seems to be just straight up energy, whereas Golden Power seems to be Creation.

Also that feel when everybody is still complaining about Lloyd being OP but he has only shown the capacity for one element for two seasons now.

Well, I make this case based off what we've seen from the show.

-Season 2, Lloyd's Power is used to (over)power a light bulb(sorta)
-Rebooted, Lloyd's Golden Power is used to power the entire city for a time.

They share properties. Golden Power simply goes above and beyond the capacities of Green Power.

Recall, even stripped of his Golden Power, Lloyd could still manifest his bike.

Technically only Chen and Clouse refer to him as that, but that's inconsequential. Power is his element, but it's what type of power he's limited to at a given time.

Except the time in Dareth's Dojo where he uses Cole's Super strength.

Or that time on the Island of Darkness when he used Kai's Fire Power.

But it is presumed he lost those elemental powers upon trading them in for Golden Power, and in turn ditching that altogether to restore the Elemental Powers to the other Ninja.


Most of this does make sense.

Now I feel silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I'm almost positive that when everybody activates their dragons in Episode 43 (?), and they all shout their element, he says Power, which seems to imply that is the best name for it.

What I find interesting though, is that Lloyd was drained of his Golden Power, right? But with most other Ninja, when they've exhausted their elemental power, it recharges. Yet for Lloyd, he seems to have had a limited pool of energy. I feel like his Power element is capable of recharging, but his Golden Power was strictly limited to a certain amount, almost all of which went into the Overlord.

OR, possibly, if we extrapolate, Lloyd could in theory recharge his power while he still had it, if he had some source of Golden Power such as the Golden Weapons or the Golden Peaks. Maybe he could even use the Technoblades to recharge, if your theory is correct.

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I think he said Energy, actually, like what Sensei Garmadon called it earlier

Well, recall how the Overlord(until he traded in his power), was still gonna be after Lloyd.So ideally it would recharge, it was just spent at the time, like the Toa Metru back in 04.

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please don't be right

I can't think of any other element for the red ninja on my sigfig's team

Energy is my last hope

I'll have to re-watch it when I get my headphones back from my sister. I really hope you're wrong, not because I'll be right but because then I need a new element for one of my characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, rewatched it. He said Energy.

So we can assume Energy=Power.

cue facedesk

cue a second facedesk




(jk plz donut get off topic)

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Ruby, Blood, taco, tomato, lava, plasma, candy....

the list goes on.


Like I said in your other magic gold topic, I don't think it's the gold itself that holds the power, but rather that the gold is good at holding power and only has that which is put into it to start with.

The techno blades were effective against the overlord because they were kind of like administrator passwords. They'd literally delete the data containing the overlord's influence thus they didn't need any magical properties seeing as the overlord was virtually powerless. Presumably, he was using the nature of his spectral existence to enter the digiverse; not some kind of magic. From then on he'd just overwrite existing code like a virus.

Point is, there was no magic to be combated and thus no magic necessary. The techno blades just deleted and replaced the data to the point that The Overlord couldn't exist inside the digiverse at all.

You seem to be ignoring the part where the Technoblades completely alter the shape and color of entire vehicles.

Could be explained by holographic technology and personalization to suit the user.

Or even nanobots

So, if his "spectral nature" isn't magic, what even is it?

You did not just pull the "Nanomachines, son" on this one.

I think my biggest sticking point with your idea lies in how machines are converted. With an aura/cover resembling a Ninja's elemental power.

In all honesty, the idea that the Technoblades use Golden Power only lends itself further to your prism idea, or the like, as each of the technoblades seem needlessly personalized.

If they were so simple as "Administrative Passwords" or whatever, you'd think anyone could've gone to the bottom of building, and stuck the blade in the place.

I admit to poor wording there. What I meant was that he isn't directly using elemental energy to affect the machines. They aren't being charged with darkness, they're being controlled by a being of darkness. It's kind of like the difference between a makuta using their natural rahi control ability and a makuta throwing shadow leeches at an av-matoran; in the former, the rahi doesn't gain shadow powers or lack innate inner light, but the matoran in the latter does. Kinda of a weird example, but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Why not? It's within the realm of possibility, given the level of technology displayed in New Ninjago City.

Remember how Chen had that mech suit just laying around in his personal hunger games arena? Or perhaps how that perfect match console thing could determine Nya's personality upon contact? They didn't need to be personalized for the ninja specifically to gather background information. Don't ask me how, exactly, but the tech is there.

Well, aside from the all-seeing overlord and his army of (heavily armed) security drones, mechdragon, nindroids, etc., I don't see why not. Cyrus probably just knew that the ninja were the only people to have defeated The Overlord EVER, and thus would be the right people for the job.

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Most all of which didn't exist yet, BTW

Borg managed to not only make the Technoblades, but also disguise them in a vessel.

Use a different vessel, and have an excuse for said vessel needing transported to the core level.

But hey, what do I know.

Wait, when did this become a point of contention? I don't recall saying something like that.

If he's virtually powerless aside from what physical things he can manipulate directly, you wouldn't even need gold to keep him at bay. Heck, you wouldn't need anything to keep him at bay. Without control of the computers, he was presumably a really sinister gust of wind, perhaps even a spot in the park that made people feel uneasy. He only became a problem when he got into the computers and started doing things. The golden power destroyed all his "dark matter" based power, correcting the balance. But if he isn't using that aforementioned dark power, you wouldn't need golden power to deal with him. He's just using the physical stuff like lazers, missiles, saws, etc. For all we know, you can't destroy his spiritual existence.

I'm drawing all this from your point of contention that a more advanced form of golden weapon would, in fact, be a way to destroy all of him. I mean, it's as possible as anything, but there's nothing to back it up. For all we know, use of golden power can destroy an abundance of shadow, manipulate the landscape, and be extremely volatile. For all we know, it just was able to get rid of all that dark energy The Overlord was using in the final battle. After all that was destroyed, however, he didn't have an abundance of dark energy; only enough for the world to be balanced.

I can't tell you for sure the specifics of how or as what The Overlord existed after his power was destroyed and he was expelled from Garmadon's body, but I don't think anyone can for sure. The source material is vague at best, even in story.

Security drones, and possibly the mechdragon did, and that would be enough to discourage any citizen.

Borg is a clever guy; he might've found a way to temporarily distract The Overlord or something like that.

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He made him play MNOG.... it resulted in his mind exploding out of boredom...

BTW I agree with Garnira.