The Temple of Ahis Sol

Built this more than a year ago and haven’t posted it here yet. Figured it might be nice to hear some opinions.

I tried to get quite a few interesting angles in there. Also I think a few of the invented plants look pretty nice.
Otherwise it’s not too special, I guess. You can see in some parts that I built this before learning about Bricklink, so I had to make do with the parts I had (grey parts on the tree, for example…)

That reminds me… I have pictures of two more old Chima MOCs. Might show them here somewhen, too.


Furries all over /s Looks nice. The look is pulled off well and the concept is cool.


Well this is awesome and underrated.

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I absolutely love the ruinous feel it has. This is very well built.

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Why must you taint this masterpiece with… Chima

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Some of the Chima minifigs I actually really like (like the wolves ;))

What destroyed the theme for me personally were the - definitely well designed - but unfitting vehicles. For pretty much the same reason I don’t really care for Ninjago or Nexo Knights.