The thing about jumpscare restrictions

They are easily avoidable

Cause i know that jumpscares arent allowed on the boards at all… And i think that they didnt think it all the way through before banning them… For several reasons…

  1. Some people like jumpscares… I Don’t know why… But they do.

  2. You should be able to add like a Jumpscare warning to the topic… Something like this…

    The 13+ means there may be Bloody or gory things in the topic The Warning symbol means hey there are Jumpscare or scary things in this topic…

  3. Why close them if they are completly non-scary… Would you shut a topic with a still image of a flower with blood all over it whisper-screaming? Why shut down a thing a plushie being flailed around with a mile-second scream? The things you should shut down is Stuff like the scary maze game jumpscare THATS A SCARE THERE! Robots going like HI THERE BUDDY but only Screaming Isnt scary!

Just a suggestion…


Now I’m not a moderator or anything of the like, but jumpscares are most likely against the rules. They would either:

A. Be against the board’s policy against inappropriate content
B. Become a spam or a meme topic, which are against the rules


Catch my drift?


We don’t allow this on the boards.

We don’t allow this on the boards.

We don’t allow this on the boards.

Topic closed.


We thought this through just fine, given we’ve been on the internet for many many years.

The people who would enjoy jumpscares are a very small number, and given that this is a website that welcomes a younger audience that would most certainly ignore any given warnings and see it anyway… Yeah, that’s not happening.

This is not something we will be considering, however, thank you for your suggestions.