The thing with Makuta and Mata Nui

So, we know from 2001 that Makuta and Mata Nui are “brothers”. Yes, we belived this . In 2003 Makuta made his first appearance into a physical for. Yes, we saw this possible too. In 20014 and 2005 too, but then appear 2008, when we descovered that Makuta us a race. So Mata Nui, a big and important being was brother with a being, who isn’t in his race and who was born, as the other Makutas to build Rahis? What? Are they brothers or not?

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they where metaphorically brothers


How? They didn’t even MEET togheter until Makuta killed Mata Nui!

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It’s a metaphor. It’s not literal. Nothing about is suggests anything more than a mythological similarity.


I still think you can’t say, even like a metaphor, that two guy that never met togheter are brothers. Naho and Jaller were “brothers”?

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Naho’s a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

They were “brothers” because it was their destiny to work together to reunite Spherus Magna. Makuta believed they were brothers even though he didn’t know about this because he saw himself as Mata Nui’s equal.

Also, Makuta appeared in physical form back in '01 as a corrupted Matoran. And we knew that Makuta was a species in '07, we just didn’t get sets of the others until '08.


This was only Mata Nui’s destiny!

Nope. The reformation of the planet required the power of both robots. Though neither of them knew about it, it was Teridax’s destiny to take control of the GSR and for Mata Nui to pilot the prototype robot and use the Gravity powers of both of them to bring the moons back to the planet.


I didn’t heard it anywhere. But you give me the idea that the Great Being wanted to create two robots, they wanted Mata Nui to day, they wanted the Toa to reborn. And they wanted the battle from Bara Magna.

From BS01:


I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying about what the Great Beings wanted, but I think they didn’t specifically plan the battle of Bara Magna— Tren Krom and Brutaka mention in the serials that Teridax was originally meant to help Mata Nui, but had forgotten his true purpose. He probably was supposed to willingly help reform the planet, rather than through a massive battle.


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First off: Please proofread your topic before you post. I’m not trying to be a jerk. but your topic is a little hard to read.

Secondly: From what I understand, Mata Nui and Makuta being “brothers” was mostly a MOL thing. I primarily remember it from that movie. Plus: It was a metaphorical relationship (like everyone else is saying).


Bionicle reboot confirmed 20014

But seriously, he said they were brothers because he saw him and Mata Nui to have equal powers. Which he thought made them potential brothers in power.


Mata Nui created Teridax himself, knowing what his destiny was, thus he was technically a “brother” knowing they’d both don the robots and reform the planet. My question is this, however: if Mata Nui knew the destiny of Makuta, how come he seemed so shocked when he landed on Bara Magna?

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Are you sure? I’ve never heard this bit…


Yeah, as far as I know, Mata Nui was not aware of that.


I’ve heard this interpretation, but I’m not sure how well it can fit into the current lore.

Teridax calls himself Mata Nui’s brother because he’s a narcissist and paints himself as equal to god.

Basically the same thing as the ancient pharaohs & eastern emperor’s calling themselves god/ son of the gods. It’s not true, but it feels good and is an attempt to legitimate their power.


There is still a grain of truth to Makuta piloting the GSR while Mata Nui took control of a different robot, but it wasn’t meant to be the prototype; instead, it was supposed to be a third robot that was never built.