The Third Brother

Makuta and Ekimu were brothers. Everyone on Okoto knew this. But what few knew, was that there was a third brother. He was seldom seen, secluded in the jungles of Okoto away from all contact. His name was Artol.

Well. Here he is. I made this model about, 6 or 7 years ago, and he was always one of my favorites.


I think the HF 2.0 torso armor kinda sticks out.

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Yeah, but it was that have a weird gap showing the mata torso underneath. I could probably fix that now though.

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That’s what you should do.

This model was dissasembled YEARS ago. I didn’t have enough parts for more than 8 or 9 toa sized figures back then, so i had to disassemble them frequently to make new ones. I tried to revamp him once, but it looked weird.

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His waist is really weird, it gets massive and solid above the waist but is tiny below. Good idea, not the best waist. I like the use of the Barraki legs on the feet, they look awesome.


Yeah, my revamp tried to fix that, but it just looked weird. this was experiment in using the large technic turntables as a waist, and that was the only one that fit. also Barraki legs?

Foot I meant foot, the Visorak foot and Barraki foot are cool.

That’s not a barraki foot, though it i similar. Its the shoulder armor from Malum, which almost the same mold as kalmah’s feet, but with little side flanges. I could never figure which came first for years.

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…That is Kalmah’s foot, the flanges are the difference between Hordika and Barraki, honest mistake though, Why are there so many rubber bands though?

Some of them were to hold the wings to his back, because the were supposed to be from some beast he hunted.The rest are the because i though the looked cool. That and i just got them so i wanted to try them out.

ah, the many uses of rainbow loom bands

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Fair enough, it’s good to try and experiment.

I don’t really see him looking like the Brother of Makuta and Ekimu. maybe if you scaled him down a bit to a size of a Okotan and use the same frame as Ekimu’s, I think it could work.

I made this before they had been revealed, and I had only seen the trailer. And nothing was given to scale them by. So I figured that, In true bionicle fashion, that they would be huge.

What happened to the other two?

EDIT: Oh this is based on the reboot storyline nvm I’m outta here.


Wow. I did this when Bio G2 started. I am not a huge G2 fan. I enjoyed it, but there were a lot of things that could have been done better. G1 is still king.

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Okay okay respect re-earned, but you could’ve at least reworked his backstory into whatever Bionicle fanfiction you’ve got.

Yeah at one point he was some sort of monster hunter, but i liked this better. That and G2 had just started and i was really excited.

Big, chunky, and pretty stinkin’ clunky.

Honestly I like it. Not without flaws, but impressive none the less.

Yeah, I agree