The three friends, an Okotian fable of Perseverance

Once, long ago, on the island of Okoto, there were three friends.
The first was a simple villager of the Ice, a cutter of ice, and a miner.
The second was a famous villager of fire, and a rich warrior.
The third was a humble jungle villager, a leaf harvester.
One day, the three friends were called to the Okahu, the legendary city, to Ekimu's forge.
Ekimu appointed them a task; to mine 10 tons of metal, and carry it to the forge. If one succeeded, Ekimu would appoint it a special role.
The three friends split up, and crossed their lands to mine metals, of silver, copper, and gold.
The first, the Ice villager, crossed to the earth village, and mined out 4 tons of metals.
He then placed some ice into his load, and carried the minerals to the forge.
However, a vicious bird native to the land, regularly feeding on ice, detected the ice in the cart, and ate the entire load. The villager was never seen again.
The second, the Fire villager, ordered his servants to bring him the load, then push him to the forge, and leave.
However, as the servant pushed the cart, the load hit a rock, and the rich Fire villager fell into the lava among the trees, and burned away, his entire body destroyed.
The last villager, the Jungle villager, managed to mine out his 10 tons of minerals, and trekked from the earth region to the forge. Though he tired many times, and almost fainted halfway through, he managed to get to the city, and deliver the minerals to Ekimu.
Ekimu, after making the many masks, granted the jungle villager the title of Protector, and a mask for him, making him the first Protector of Okoto.


This is a pretty interesting backstory for Vizuna. wink


Not Vizuna, actually. Just the first Protector.

Basic idea? I'm trying to make a mythos for the new Bionicle, increasing the world and such.


"Hey kids, you want to be a leader? Give me money and possibly kill yourselves."

/s. This is a good mythos.


The Jungle Villager is me.


That explains everything...


Interesting..........I rather like it.

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Pretty cool.


At first, I thought "The Ice guy got an undeserved death"

Then I realized he tried to cheat.
Also, anyone else notice LEGO always made the Ice tribe guys corrupt back in 09?

Anyway, good story.BBBB55

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A nice fable about the Protectors. Well written :smile:


Gelu wasn't corrupt (kinda), and Certavus definitely wasn't.

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Hail, Hobrenar. Check out this topic, you must. :slight_smile:

I know, I know.

I meant to say "Had a habit of", not "Always".

This is great.
Hope you'lle be making more.

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Definitely. I'm thinking about doing an honesty-based one, so hold on while I gather ideas.

Interesting. Not sure what to say beyond that, really.

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