The Tie Victor

The Tie Victor was poorly named, not due to any fault in its combat capability, but instead due to its development after the main defeat of the Empire at Jakku. Created by Stygian Caldera technicians, The Victory fulfilled a similar role to Rebel X-Wings, acting as a multirole fighter used for quick hit and run missions, a distinctly un-imperial school of thought, but one needed in a changing galaxy. Functionally, it was leagues ahead of its Tie Modular Cousin, but not quite as refined as the defender or Scythe. Armed with the expected chin mounted L-S7.2 Laser canons, the Victor also featured four Tiam and Bak KX12 Laser Canons on each wing. S foils split each wind down the middle, while also helping to disperse heat and widen the ship’s weapon spread. Due to the secrecy of the Society, very few Victors have been seen outside of testing, though an exception was made for The Battle of Ra’Un, the perfect conditions for a field test…

The build itself was really an attempt to streamline one of my older mocs with newer pieces. I had the the idea for an S-foil Tie fighter variant came in 2016 when I saw the A-Wing vs Tie Advanced set, and envisioned a similar set featuring an X-wing, and some manner of X-Tie thing. Fast Forward to 2021 when the Rise of Skywalker Tie Dagger was on sale, I decided to make finally getting around to making it.

V1’s mechanism was based on the 2021 X-Wing, though it ended up being too weak to support the wings. Truth be told, it was fairly crude and inelegant in design.

2023 saw the release of a new Tie Bomber, one who’s parts were perfect for the V2. Save for the mechanism, almost everything about the ship was reworked to be both sturdier and visually appealing. No more massive unbroken walls of studs here thank you very much.

All in all, I’m really happy with where I was able to take this build, much more than I was with the original.


Looks amazing, and its nice to hear that youve gotten to a good spot with the moc after having it for a while now


yeah by definition a tie doesn’t have a victor


Heard you the first time


I must be getting old, I have no recollection of that