The tiniest little things you would've changed in the Bionicle Story

So aside from the Big things I'm sure we'd all like to have been different, such as gender being tribe specific or Bionicle's last few years, what tiny changes would you have made?
Personally I would've liked it if Vakama had wielded Lhikan's swords, instead of the disk launcher, sort of like a symbolic way of showing him taking on his legacy as one of Metru Nui's defenders.


I would have added a little scene after the Toa Mahri arrive in Metru Nui where when Jaller realizes that they survived an Matoro didn't, he just breaks down and cries, saying "It should have been me.... It should have been me...." The other Toa Mahri look at him and then each other. and bow their heads in silence, along with the rest of Metru Nui


Spherus Magna, Jaller gets his Hau back, dangit.


Um,,,, yes

instead of only having one of the MAIN ( i know there is one more with the female gender) be female it could be mixed
like ko matoran can be both female and male
same with ga matoran and le matoran

along with toa


I'd also like for there to be some legitimacy for romantic relationships among Matoran -- perhaps as one of Velika's glitches? And there did seem to be some form of "marriage" in the story, so there's obviously something of the like.


I don't agree with this one.

And, what case for a marriage have you heard of?

I know Samas had a wife, but he was an Agori.

Still, I don't like the idea of Matoran having romantic relationships.

samus had a wife that was a agori?!!?!??!

sorry had to make that joke

please dont kill me

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I don't really get the joke, un...

Oh snap!

I meant Samad! Not Samas. Sorry...

lol great

Yeah, but a lot people do, and the Bohrok Animations implied them at least...


I would've left Macku and Hewkii canon. And made Le-Koro a group of airships.

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Well, I dunno if you've heard this, but a popular thing fans want to happen is "The Toa Magna" or whatever.

Basically the Chronicler's company as Toa, to make the Hewkii and Macku easier to visualize.



I would have given the Hydruka Thulox and Morak at least a very minor role in the 2007 storyline.

I would have wanted more time in the story for Zaktan, Nuju, Icarax, Krika, TSO, Pridak, Dekar-Hydraxon, Lesovikk, Malum, Velika, Takanuva, Takadox, etc.

Now that I think about it, I just want more Bionicle.


Roodaka and sidorak... well they were gonna until sidorak died

Edit: I saw that you specified "Matoran" but they are from the matoran universe if that counts for something

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Well the "marriage" was said to be more of a political proposal, rather than an actual relationship. But, I see what you were saying.