The Titan (System Moc)

The last survivor of an Ancient Race blessed with incredible strength and size, However the loss of his civilization had drove him (unfortunately) insane.
To combat this problem He wears the Mask of Tranquility to keep him calm but more importantly Sane.


I like it, it looks pretty cool. I think it could look a bit better if the eyes were Trans-Neon-Green to fit the TNG system bricks.

I also changed category to Lego Creations for you

Very System heavy moc but for that titan style i gotta give it to you
really good titan

I like the sheer bulk this guy has. Titan is certainly a fitting name.

The use of the flatter system pieces kind of gives the impression parts of his body are carved from stone.

Pretty cool, though I do feel that his waist would be a massive weak point.

Looks nice, a bit blocky, but still cool.