The Titanfall V12 Heromech

This moc was inspired by the coming game Titanfall 2 which is coming to PS4 and Xbox one. I’m not sponsored to say that.

New hero, new weapon. In this case, New rookie Jax Cloud decides instead of using an actual blaster, he used his love of mechs to build, with HeroFactory’s help, made his dream true, and with as many weapons as the eye can see!


The mech itself looks a bit cluttered. However, you gave it good functionality and a good color scheme. Overall, it’s really good, but needs some work.

Simple, but decently good.

This is literally my first time building a Mech moc, excluding the Invasion from Below sets, but I have played Titanfall before and I just wanted to base the mech of one of them. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll get to work!

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The arms look a little low

The pose was lowered so the cockpit was lower to the ground, for the pilot.