The Toa Hagah of Stelt

Built for the toa teams collab by @Senit. – Canon Toa Team Collab-Open to sign ups

Taxoa, Rocky Hagah of Stelt

Taxoa is a Toa of stone hailing from the Tren-Krom Peninsula; he wears a Mask of Emulation-shaped Mask of Intangibility.
Design: Inspired by Krakua and Mazeka, Mask of Emulation chosen to reference non-canon Pouks.

Tixarc, Zephyr Hagah of Stelt

Tixarc is a toa of air and is native to Stelt; he wears an Elda-shaped Kakama.
Design: Same build as Ozea

Zekku, Frozen Hagah of Stelt

Zekku is a Toa of ice from Metru Nui; he wears a Mask of Charisma-shaped Mask of Incect-control.
Design: Just a Metru-Build

Ozea, Electric Hagah of Stelt

Ozea is a toa of lightning who, like Tixarc, is from Stelt; she wear a Garai-shaped Calix.
Design: Claw from Tahnok-Kal for chest armor due to Tahnok-Kal having lightning as an element.

Thio, Magnetic Hagah of Stelt

The leader of the team, Thio, is a toa of magnetism from the same region as Bomonga; he wears a Hau-shaped mask of conjuring.
Design: Lightly inspired by Bomoga

Binoi, Toa Hagah of Plasma of Stelt

Binoi is a toa of plasma from Stelt; he wears a Rau-shaped Mask of Adaptation.
Design: lightly inspired by Mataro

The file:
Hagah of - Google Drive


Yeah, these are amazing. I like the reasons for the design choices.

Those are some nice custom torsos. Cool mocs all around!

Really do like these builds a lot. I’ve said it before but Thio’s arms look amazingly good.

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Really cool builds! Wait are they called toa Hagah?


Ooo these look amazing! Interesting to have a 50/50 split with common and uncommon elements. Any plans to do the T.K.P. Hagah in the future?

These look pretty nice, I like how they are similar to Teridax’s Hagah but different at the same time.


I do infact have some minor plans to make some other Hagah teams, including those from the T.K.P.