the toa hagah

this is my take on the toa hagah.
tell me if you like it from 1/10 and what i can improve.

just some fun action shot when the toa hagah is
fight the visorak hords and losing

Norik, Toa of Fire

Pouks, Toa of Stone

Bomonga, Toa of Earth

Kualus, Toa of Ice

Gaaki, Toa of Water

Iruini, Toa of Air


shild side




Two things
One, this belongs in Lego Creations.

Two, it just looks like the Hagah builds but some of them have different masks.

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oh thx man love the coment

Yeah, because we can’t have the Hagah having Hagah builds, that’s just wrong. This is a joke as a call to the blistering conversation going on about canon appearances of the Hagah.


The new non-metru build is a little fitting, but it looks really awkward, especially in the shoulders, back, and the fact that Norik’s armor isn’t even close to the same. I probably shouldn’t comment on the masks if this would be for the contest (which hasn’t been announced who’s winning and won’t for 2 weeks :roll_eyes:), but half of them are extremely unlikely, possibly impossible choices for a Hagah to use as their replacements.
I’d liked to have actually seen half their staves, but they’re not posed in a way that we’re allowed to.
I do like the visorak shields.
I’d probably say 3 or 4 /10, the metru build isn’t that expensive, but some of the pieces used here are more expensive…


moved to Lego creations -Rac

I dunno, I preferred the bigger chestplate for Norik. Cool custom torso, giving waist and shoulder articulation.

this is not really a criticism, but I have realized now that I can’t see the tryna without seeing Matoro, so I keep seeing Bomonga as Matoro.

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i agree but its only a sdaning for the contest btw i see noxses to from wcs

here are bether picturs of the staves


Nice and clean. As I always thought they looked like.

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thx you so mutch

Kualus looks like a Toa of Light. If you can, you should probably change his armour to silver. Additionally, I really think Bomonga could benefit from different limbs and a better mask.


They all look pretty solid. Disagree with some of the mask/weapon choices, mainly the Mask of Light (which is one of a kind), but I get that you have a limited amount of dark gold to work with. Kraakhan is fine I think since we typically only see the other angle.

I do think a bit of consistency was lost in the transition from Metru torsos to custom torsos. Specifically, the shoulders have all been made a bit wider while the Bohrok shields as chest pieces only cover the original span of the torsos, and the cam pieces as waist armor, while appreciated, kinda throw off the color layering. The back is definitely not fun to look at. As such, since you requested it, I’d give them a 6/10 (subdivided into a 8/10 for the colors/aesthetic, and a 4/10 for the structure).

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I mean we can, it’s just that he said

When all he did was change the masks on a few of them.
So it’s less “his take” and just “look I changed the masks”