The Toa Karhi (Updated!)

Yes, a full on update to these heroes, with better pictures. Lo and behold, the Toa Team me and my brother @ToaKylerak developed. Enjoy!

Kylerak, the Toa of Fire, is the leader of this team of Toa, being lawful and noble in his leadership but also not as forgiving. He wears a great Kanohi Lekma, the Mask of Resurgence. It allows it’s bearer to quickly recover energy from wounds, keeping them in a fight when knocked down. The only downside is that the pain is still there.

He also wields a great Fire Staff, which can fire projectiles of fire bolts at enemies and engage in polearm combat if needed. It is a symbol of status among Toa to have staffs, and his and other members of the group were granted theirs because of honoring Makuta Tagah.

Collerak, Toa of Air, is the deputy of the Toa Karhi, and for good reason. He is perhaps the most skilled fighter of the group. He is also the most hopeful and courageous, always seeing a positive in helpless situations and acting upon them.

He wear a Great Kanohi Kualsi, the Mask of Quick Travel. In his hand he bears a Great Air Staff, which allows him to control winds and fire pulses of air at enemies to knock them down with hurricane-like force.

Viatra, Toa of Water, is not as tolerant as most heroes of her element. She is pessimistic and unwilling to get into bad situations. But what she lacks in bravery and tact, she makes up with a sense of unity and friendliness. She is compromising even when fearful, and will follow good leadership and even inspire others to do the same.

Viatra wears a Great Huna, the Mask of Invisibility, and uses a Great Water Staff. With it she can control the waves as well as blast people with water.

Mikeku, Toa of Stone, is clumsy. He tumbles great statues and has a hard time watching his footing. That does not stop him, however. He is an improviser and someone who practices, and thinks he can get better at his skill.

Mikeku wears a Great Kanohi Matatu, the Mask of Telekinesis, which he uses in order to clear many a path for himself! He also uses a Great Stone Staff, a capable weapon that smashes stone and controls it for his bidding. It’s also a great blunt weapon, so be wary!

Nuhi, the cold Toa of Ice, thinks for himself more than the team. When something does not go his way, he makes absolutely certain it does, no matter the cost. He finds the Three Virtues rather shaky and prefers to live by rational thought. He disregards wisdom for his knowledge, and it is his greatest downfall. Regardless, he still has value on the team, questioning the actions and motives of his teammates and having them second guessing dangerous desicions.

This Toa of Ice wears a modified Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength. Nuhi lost his original Toa tool when his right hand was cut off. Now he uses a Great Icicle Blade as his primary weapon attached to his missing limb. It allows control over ice, as well as being sharp enough to cut through even the most solid ice.

Quiller is the Toa of Earth and loves it. He does not view himself as just a protector of the Matoran, he also views himself as one still. He has fantastic work ethic and brings fun to his fellow teammates, despite Nuhi or Makuta Tagah’s protests. This isn’t to say he’s irresponsible. Quiller is a bruiser, and will certainly mess up your day if you get on his bad side.

Quiller bears a Great Pokaka, the Mask of Depths. It allows him to breath in habitats with extremely little air, or none at all. As such, even when absorbed in a vacuum, he can persist. He also carries two Protosteel Claws, which he uses as a digging tool and weapons. Another note is his Rahi friend, whom he named “Dig”, is a bug that sticks onto his back and acts like a scout when off of him.

Well, that’s all of them! Tell me what you guys think, and give comments and critiques!


I love these.

Seriously, they resemble actual sets. Which is hilarious because once upon a time that was wrong. But these are great.

The ONLY gripe that I have upon a quick perusal is that the Claws on Quiller really stand out. I dunno if an alternate attachment method or piece would be better, and of course Lego has done the same many times over, but it’s really the only thing that stands out to me.

Other than that, Nuhi’s sword is ridiculous and I love it. The only one who seems like they maybe didn’t get as much attention as the others is Mikeku, who feels maybe the simplest of them? It might be because even though Kylerak is a simpler build, he feels more cohesive though.

All in all, love it. Huge nostalgia for when my bro and I used to make toa teams ourselves


That was honestly the idea behind these. Me and my brother tried to keep them in cohesive, bright colors as well as making them have common silhouettes. Primarily, use of long staff weapons and triangular bodies. Other canonical BIONICLE Toa Teams had uniformity in their teams, and it was something I told my brother we should carry over!


I love it. And I love that you somehow made the Metru-Toran bodies actually look decent on Toa!


These look great. The only real problem I have, is that I can’t see much of the detail on Quiller’s chest, but I think that’s mostly just due the lighting

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These look fantastic! They all look unique and have interesting armour styles.

Yeah any lighting I tried to do made it hard because of either glare or it becoming too dark. I did the best I could do.

These are well done, great builds!

Quality work my guy

Excellent work on the icy boi, and love the use of the gahlok shield at that angle on the Toa of Water

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Quickie “cri-ti-ckie” time:

*Kylerak’s color layering confuses me. Maybe I just don’t like the idea of black as a top color over the bright red.
*He’s got CCBS arms and Inikabuild everything else. I’d prefer if he was consistently Bonkle textures.
*Collerak’s got manboobs (and some kind of growth on his stomach).
*How are Viatra’s elbows supposed to work?
Also that chest design confuses me as well, it peaks at her midsection
*Have you considered using more of that Kiina fin piece as a consistent texture?
*A lot of Mikeku’s armor choices seem suboptimal but I’ll wager you don’t have many other options in stone colors
*That said I think you could redo the Vorox armor on his shoulders to look more natural
*Nuhi’s got random silver feet over the white where the rest of it is under it
*Quillers got some weird lookin thighs (but the attached torso actually looks pretty cool)

Overall I rate these a “idk why I wanted to critique some Inikabuilds, there are more ambitious MOCs that were executed far worse out there” out of 10?


All around good critiques. I’ll address a few though.

I don’t really see it, personally? Though this comes across like a joke when I first read it. My bro was trying to make pectoral-like muscles and an abdomen so his body wasn’t horrendously flat like the actual Inika. It also helps with color distribution.

I’ll be honest: I actually do not own a Kiina figure. A lot of pieces me and my bro have nabbed are from garage sales and finding pieces at a local Bricks and Minifigures, so I couldn’t use more of the textures if I wanted to. The idea was creating a “skirt” design for her, that’s really about it.

As for the arms, they are awkward, but I tried other designs and all of them were too long. I wanted to keep the consistent dark and light blue color (and some black), while not having her be tower over the other Toa as well. Height consistency is crucial to me in these teams. As such, they bend inward, like 2016 Lewa. Yes, that may bother some folks, but it never bothered me. I’ve also realized it actually helps with articulation when positioning her staff.

The chest design I was trying to do something unorthodox in making it look feminine. I’m happy with how it turned out personally, but I see what you are saying. I just cannot find a way to raise it, because I wanted the slimmer figure with the Hordika torso.

I actually didn’t notice that. I’m guessing Kylerak was trying to match it with his weapon and break the amount of white in that section. I’ll tell him about it though.

Because Inika builds aren’t bad. People just poorly optimize them. Effort can be put into them and they can turn out cool. :sunglasses:

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These are awesome. I think Kylerak is my favorite because I like the combination of red and dark red. But the Collerak is sweet as well.


It’s actually not that bad, I just have always seen that kind of chest design as implying femininity without going over the top. It might work a bit better on him if it wasn’t overtop an Inika breastplate - maybe ■■■■■ it all down by one unit.

The claws on quiller look ok but you should try other pieces. Maybe even a custom bulid for a hand. Remember that Hydraxon had a custom hand and so did Axxon. If these were supposed to look like actual sets, then i understand.