The Toa Mahri's Sacrifice

As I'm sure we're all aware, Matoro receives lots of praise for his heroic sacrifice that saved the Mata Nui and the Matoran universe at large. And he should; that scene is one the most amazing moments in all of Bionicle. But what about the equally amazing sacrifice that some folks very close to Matoro were prepared to make...?
If you're able, pick up Bionicle Legends #9: Downfall and read pages 91-92, 96-97, and maybe 104-105. This won't take long and, it's worth it. Go ahead, I'll wait.
See what I'm talking about? The Toa Mahri were all willing to lay down their lives to give Matoro a chance to save the world. I especially love Hahli's line on page 97:
"We have fought together for over 1,000 years, Jaller. We're not going to stop now. And we'll die together if we have to."
Thankfully, they didn't have to do that. Even still, I believe that the willingness to make that sacrifice deserves as much praise as Matoro's.
Agree? Disagree? Let me know, and thanks for reading. smile


Yeah that part was pretty cool, although I read it like a year ago so I don't remember much of it.

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Yes. My brothers and sister deserve just as much praise and recognition


Man, that was the prime of childhood right there. I was really really sad about Matoro. Not only that, but confused. I didn't think of the possibility that a hero could... die. So when the Mahri were teleported to Metru Nui, I was thinking the same thing as Hahli, "Where's Matoro?" And then I sat down and had a long think. Matoro's death really made everything seem dangerous again. It made them seem destructible.

But the Mahri were my favorite Toa, because the story was just so good. I mean, they did things most Toa would never do, and they (for the most part) lived through pretty terrible things. From Metru-Nui (They don't remember that though) to Mata Nui, from Karzhani to Mahri Nui, they were the most kickbutt heroes. They were the ones that got me interested in anti-heroes and darker stories.

Think: They may not have defeated Makuta, but they went up against the majority of the lethal and cutthroat enemies in the BIONICLE Universe. Zaktan was a truly insidious villian, right up there with Makuta. Pridak was just so... menacing. They even went through the Matoran version of the underworld. They were the ones who made kept the universe existing for just long enough.

They all made huge sacrifices, and Matoro will forever be remembered.


Matoro's death legitimized, beyond a speck of a doubt, Bionicle's story.

But yes. The Toa Mahri should get more praise. (Although they are now kinda mindless followers of the Golden Skinned Being, so...)


I don't have any of the BIONICLE books past 2005 -_-

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The only book I don't have is Time Trap.

I definitely suggest looking into buying them. They are all very good.

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They sure are. I've only just finished the '06 books but they definitly put almost all the earlier ones to shame.


no actually they were released from its control i recently found out

Really? When?

I still remember the "BRING BACK MATORO" people on bzp. Matoro's sacrifice was one of the most memorable moments in BIONICLE for me. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the books anymore.

@Helryx08 It was confirmed in the Chat with Greg thread on the lego message boards. I believe they stopped being controlled when the gold guy fought Annona.


Thanks for putting that up, @Sharnak. I had no idea about that stuck_out_tongue Guess I didn't follow that topic closely enough.
(Thanks to you too, @Middlefingerstudios for bringing it up)

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you're welcome, no problem

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Thank you for the clarification.

The Toa Mahri did a very underrated thing that led to Matoro's sacrifice. Remember that all the little things count in saving a great spirit.


This is why I love the Mahri/Inika. They are pretty underrated, maybe due to the sets and maybe due to nostalgia. In the storyline, I think they are the most likable Toa team and are very developed, versus the Mata, who, for the most part, had pretty flat personalities.


Matoro is ded
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Shipping intensifies
But yea, they did sacrifice alot for the universe. Its a shame they get so little recognition.