The Toa Moro (Wave 1)

Recently I’ve been writing this little fanfic about the Mahri-toran becoming Toa after the final battle and the reformation of Spherus Magna.

In the aftermath of that titanic battle, the residents of the Matoran universe migrated to Spherus Magna to begin anew in this strange new world. However, not all were ready to leave everything behind. In the days before the robots insides were dismantle, a group of Matoran led by Mahri-Nui’s former de facto leader Defilak voyaged into the remains of the robot once again to see what had become of their home. In their descent they came across the old Karda-Nui, now strewn with the remains of Voya-Nui and the groups undersea home. Within what remained of Mahri-Nui’s council building the matoran found something, an ancient box belonging to their people, forgotten after the thousands of years of underwater survival. 5 stones, glowing with light. In their marveling the Matoran were oblivious to what was right behind them. The 4 were ambushed by vicious Rahi, bringing the chase out into the swamp. It was there that they met the former jailer of the Pit, Hydraxon, who had journeyed into the robot himself for reasons unknown. In the ensuing struggle, the dim stones hummed with new life as radiant light cloaked the Matoran and the jailer. The energy from the stones resonated within the beings, giving the 5 unique forms, ones befitting of warriors. The 4 Matoran were reborn as Toa heroes, but something interesting happened to the jailer. The Toa energy reverted half of his body back to a form similar to the matoran Dekar, returning the Matoran’s memories to him. Plagued with memories that are not his own, the reborn Dekar joins his fellow Matoran as a Toa and this a new legend is about to begin.

Defilak, Toa of Air. The leader of the Toa Moro, named after the hero of white who bore the burden of a dying god and saved a universe. Armed with the Kanohi Kualsi, a cordak launcher, curved sword and a dagger, Toa Defilak uses these in tandem to deliver lighting fast crippling strikes to his enemies.

Gar, Toa of Earth and Defilak’s best friend. Gar is quiet and cautious yet has an affinity for combat. Donning the Kanohi Kakama, Gar prefers to use the masks enhanced speed in tandem with his hammers over his movement speed. This lets him deliver the maximum amount of strikes as fast as possible without losing momentum in any of his strikes.

Dekar, Toa of Stone. The newly reborn Dekar is quite perplexed. He has no memories of his time as Hydraxon, yet the memories of the dead jailers past still linger in his mind. Half of his body is not his own, but that is hardly an impairment. Armed with Hydraxon’s claw, a Cordak launcher and a one handed sickle, Dekar is a force to be reckoned with.


I love dekar’s half and Half look! alway good to see such a good custom torso. these are really fresh inika builds and the carryover horidika torso really gets the point across that these are existing characters. defilak keeps his shoulder mounted cordak and gains some eyes. gar is probably the weakest of the bunch, having no canon depiction to work off of.


I love the custom torsos here! It’s good to see some truly unique designs used for Toa bodies. Dekar looks neat as well with the split appearance.


Thanks for the input! I really dislike how Gar came out but there’s not much to go off of with him. He just feels lackluster compared to the other two. I’m really worried about the Toa of Ice since there’s not any know Ko-Matoran in Mahri Nui I could use so I’ll have to make one up :man_shrugging:


how about this for a completely about the box idea: the toa of ice is dead and has been replaced by a exotically intelligent hydruka.

yeah he’s honestly bad, sorry


I didn’t expect this but anything involving defilak I am automatically a fan of.
Also that torso design looks great. I would really like to see close up of how it’s put together.


Ah yes, Hydruka, Toa of Bubbles

I wonder if he’d look better if I made him bulkier and maybe gave him more of a hunch. For the Toa who’s usually the heavy-weight, gentle giant he lacks the heavyweight aspect in his design.

I can do that for you.


I just think it would make the team a bit more interesting, I don’t think there have ever been a team that wasn’t all toa


That is a fair point, plus I think the idea of building a supped up Hydruka could be fun.

@ChubChub86 here you are


is dekar’s keetorange half resembling mata nui intentional?


If we’re being completely honest I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out :sweat_smile:. Now that you pointed it out it is a cool little reference though.

Touched up Gar a little to make him more Toa of Earth-y


Dekar spotted, instant like. Nice job with these fellas, I’m happy you kept the Hordika torso. It’s so important in making the Mahri Matoran unique!