The Toa Moro (Wave 2)

To continue where we left off with wave 1:

Idris, the Toa of Water. (Has a Faxon because I’m not going to pay big bucks for a blue Ruru)

Idris is armed with a typhoon spear and a Nynrah Ghostblaster. The spear blades are held in place via rubber bands. Idris can stir up miniature tidal waves and vortexes with her spear couple with the heavy blows from the massive blade, providing invaluable crowd control to the Toa Moro. Her Ruru allows her to see through the tempests she whips up so that they’re never a detriment to her fighting ability.

Sarda, the Toa of Fire

When the Matoran were transformed into Toa, Sarda’s protosteel claws fused with his hands, giving him natural weapons for unarmed combat. In addition to his talons Sarda sports a throwing glaive that he prefers to wreath in fire. Sarda is quick on his feet and uses his light armaments plus his Kanohi Huna to support a very fast, hit-and-run approach to combat, turning invisible and striking from the shadows before vanishing again.

Festus the Fe-Matoran

The unofficial sixth member of the Toa Moro, Festus is a Fe-Matoran who lives on the island of Nynrah. Ostracized by the Nynrah Ghosts for his incompetence when it comes to the crafts, Festus has been relegated to light stone gathering and is forbidden from entering the Workshop. Festus is clumsy and inattentive, but he has a big heart and an enthusiastic love for adventure but feels trapped on Nynrah. For some reason this Matoran was one of the few who stayed behind on Nynrah after the Reformation. Lucky enough for he and the Toa this makes him the best suited person to help the mysterious group of heroes from afar on their quest, also arming the Toa with Nynrah Ghostblasters. Noticing the vacant sixth slot, Festus has self inserted himself into the role and is thrilled to live out his dream of becoming a Toa as he guides the Toa Moro into the heart of Nynrah.


I like Sarda’s big Toa Tool. I have a Toa Sarda of my own in progress, and I used those exact same blade parts. I also like that Sarda and Idris have matching blasters.