The Toa Nui

So, the other day, I was thinking about Toa Stones, and I remembered the six Toa stones that were created by the Toa Metru, and used by Takua to summon the Toa Mata to the island. This got me wondering. What if these Toa stones had been used to create Toa, instead of summoning them. This alternate universe fan fiction is the result of my wondering. I am also posting it on the Lego Message boards here.

Prologue/Chapter One
Takua climbed the steps to Kini Nui. In his arms he held six precious Toa Stones. The Turaga had instructed him to place them in the Amaja circle. He crossed the bridge to the circle. Carefully, he placed the stones onto the circle, just as the Turaga had instructed him to. He placed the final stone. Nothing happened for a moment. Then, all six stones released beams of energy. The beams of energy met in the middle in a glowing sphere of energy. As it slowly grew larger, Takua faded out of consciousness.

Chapter Two
Jaller crept through the Charred Forest, following the Kane-Ra. The Kane-Ra had attacked scouting party from Ta-Koro. As captain of the Guard, Jaller had felt it was his duty to chase the beast away. Once he thought he felt that the Kane-Ra a safe distance way from the village he turned around. Then he realized he was lost. The charred forest was a virtual maze, with burnt trees every where. “How in the world will I get out of here?” he wondered. He used to know his way around the forest, but that was before it had been burnt in the battle between the Matoran and Rahi. “I suppose the best thing to do is just to look for a way out.” He started to make his way through what had before been a lush jungle, reduced now to a looming mass of blackened trunks and branches. After walking for a long while, Jaller saw what seemed to be a clearing up ahead. He came out of the forest into the bright sunshine. Then he stood still in astonishment at what he saw. Before him was the temple off Kini-Nui. “How in Mata Nui's name did I get here?” he thought, “Kini Nui is on the other side of the island!” Suspiciously, he turned around. The Charred Forest was no longer behind him, replaced, instead, by the lush jungle that usually surrounded the temple. “Well, someone, or something obviously wants me here,” he reflected, turning back towards Kini-Nui, “Best to enter, and find out why.” As he forwards, he started to hear voices coming from inside. He gripped his spear tightly as he entered. “Who goes there?”

Chapter Three
The figures turned around to see him standing there. They were all Matoran, Jaller saw now. Each from a different village. He knew two of them, “Hello Hahli, hello Matoro,” but he didn't know any others. “I don't believe I have met the rest of you before. I am Jaller, Captain of the Ta-Koro guard.” The brown and tan armored Matoran answered first.

“Hewkii, from Po Koro”

The green Le-Matoran was next “Kongu, Captain of the Gukko force”

“Nuparu, Second Class Tunnel engineer in Onu-Koro” The black-armored, purple masked Matoran was the last to speak.

“This is good and all, but why are we here?” asked Hewkii, “From what the others have told me we all got here by rather strange circumstances.”

“Um, I don't know if this is important,” interrupted Kongu, "but why are those stones glowing?”

Chapter Four
All the Matoran turned to look at what Kongu was talking about. In the Amaja circle, where the Turaga would usually tell their stories, lay six stones, one the color of each of the six elements. Hahli walked over and picked one up. “I wonder what these are for?”

“I wouldn't touch those if I were you,” Matoro cautioned her, “We have no idea what they do.”

“I feel fine!” she said, and then collapsed to the ground.

Jaller rushed over to her. “Hahli! Are you alright?”

“I'm fine,” she replied “Each of you, pick up your stones.”

“Are you thought-crazy?” Kongu asked incredulously.

“No, it feel like what we need to do.”

Jaller picked up his stone. “I hope she's right” he thought, as the stone glowed in his hands. Soon the rest had their stones in hand. As they watched in horror and awe, the stones began pulsing with light. All the stones, beating in rhythm with each other. It stopped. For one, long, silent moment, The Matoran stood in fear of what would happen next. Then the room exploded with light.


The Inika will be the new Mata, and the Mata will be the new Inika. This is a fascinating story. Can't wait to read more!

Chapter Five
The light soon faded, but Jaller now felt different. Taller, somehow. Hahli looked at him quizzically, “Since when did you get so tall?” she asked.
“I could ask the same of you.” He replied. Looking around, he found that all of them had grown. They were now bigger, and he also felt a sense of power in himself, waiting to be unleashed.
“I don't know about the rest of you,” Kongu said, “But I'm going back to my village quick-fast, and asking the Turaga for answers.” Jaller realized he was right, they all should be doing their best to look for answers.
“OK,” he said, “But I think we should all meet back here, in two sunrises, to discuss what we have found out.”
“Sounds fine to me” Hewkii replied, and all the rest nodded their agreement.
“May Mata-Nui be with you all.” said Jaller, as they walked down the steps, each leaving on their own paths.

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Chapter Six

Jaller walked back to Ta-­Koro, and he pondered the events that had transpired only about an hour

before. “What have I become?” he wondered, “I'm bigger than any Matoran I've ever seen, but I

don't look like a Rahi either.” Suddenly, the ground gave way beneath him. He hit the ground hard.

Above him, he could see the top of the pit he was now trapped in. “How foolish of me,” he

realized, “the charred forest is filled with Rahi traps. I helped dig some of them myself!” He heard

scuffling at the edge of the hole, and he looked up. A few bits of dirt and pebbles fell, and bounced

off his mask. A face peered over the edge. He recognized the Miru­-clad face immediately. “Agni!

Its me, Jaller!”

“Your not Jaller” Agni replied, “he's a lot shorter than you. You must be some new trick of

Makuta, trying to trick us all, by pretending to be our friend.”

“Go get Turaga Vakama” Jaller suggested, “He should be able to tell you I am who I say I am”

“OK,” answered Agni, “Don't go anywhere!”

“That would be quite hard.” Jaller muttered under his breath, as the red-­armored Matoran

disappeared from view.

Chapter Seven

Agni was soon back. This time Keahi was with him. “You're definitely not Jaller,” said Keahi

“You have the same mask, but you're to big. He was about the same size as us.”

“I grew.” Jaller said impatiently, “Did you bring Turaga Vakama?”

“Yeah,” replied Agni, “Though I think he'll see, just as well as we do, that you're an imposter.” He

stepped aside, and Jaller saw the Orange Huna of Turaga Vakama appear.

“Ah, so it is you, Jaller,” Vakama said, in that soft, yet wise voice he used when discussing

important matters. “I thought at first Agni and Keahi where playing a trick on me. Now I see that it

is just you, become a Toa.”

“Yes, I...” Jaller trailed off, “What's a Toa?”

“That, I will explain in due time,” answered the Turaga, “But first, you must be rescued from that

pit.” He turned to the two guardsmen, who quickly scrambled to get their ropes. All of the Ta-­Koro

guard always had rope handy, for situations similar to this one. They soon had Jaller out, and were

apologizing profusely for not recognizing him.

Congratulations on having the shortest chapters in the history of ever.

The writing itself is fine, but all six chapters so far combined wouldn't equal a normal chapter.

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