The Toa Nuva in their current forms

(for this one Lewa is showing off his wind powers to some jungle agori but with the trans white coming out of his blade it might be hard to see)

Renders based off of the Stars Commerical, Mata Nui Saga, and story

These are some renders based on the story serial The Powers that Be

Credit to the masks goes to Galva and to the great Karzahni moc goes to Wombat Combat Pictures


I really like these renditions of the Toa Nuva, they each resemble their 2002 forms but are still unique.


These are very nice. Makes me wish I was good a painting parts because these would be real neat to have in physical form with how much better id have to assume theyd scale with the mahri

Swell job you’ve done, love those giant shoulders on Onua