The Toa Nuva Masks

I’ve always been curious about this topic, so whats wrong with the 2002 Masks? People say that the original masks are better, and I respect people’s opinion’s, but what’s so much greater about this:

Than this?

Just asking, no offense meant.


I guess it’s just that some people prefer the simpler tribal-looking masks rather than the more organic-looking masks. Just look at the Hau Nuva mask, with the “tendons” on the cheeks. Looks more like a face than an actual mask.

I personally don’t have a problem with them, because it looks like they’ve been melted and re-molded by Protodermis.


I like the Nuva masks because they add the feeling of power to a character. I also like the Nuva masks because they made the characters identifiable by just the masks. For example, when referring to the normal Hau, one could say that multiple characters in the storyline wear it, like Tahu Mata, Jaller, etc. When referring to the Hau Nuva, one could say that the only character who most often wears this mask is Tahu. The same can be said for the other Toa Nuva and their respective masks.


A lot of people, including myself, prefer the Mata masks because of their simple design, as if they were crafted out of iron at a forge (aside from the Kaukau and Akaku). They just convey such a sense of a tribal biomechincal race of beings, which the Nuva masks failed to do.


don’t mind the nuva masks. Just thought they were cool and all. Lewa’s and Gali’s seemed the most inorganic of the bunch, and I feel these masks have nice shapes

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I like both types of masks equally. The Mata masks are simple, iconic, and recognizable. The Nuva masks, on the other hand, look really cool and more powerful.

But these are just my opinions.


I think that most of them just look really ugly and oddly organic…
I especially hate that freaking Pakari Nuva :rage:


I don’t really like Nuva masks. Mata masks are more squarish and that goes best to me.

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Funny thing about the Hau Nuva: Anyone notices it’s shaped like a volcano?

Its like the 2002 mask had veins all over his mask. It just looks weird and kinda gross.


That is disgusting.

I like both variants of the Hau though, I don’t really favor one over the other. The Nuva masks were a lot bigger than they needed to be though.


To me, the Nuva masks looks strange and organic in comparison to the older ones. They’re… kind of bestial looking.

I don’t know. I guess I don’t really like their aesthetic. The normal ones have more streamlined, sleek, “pretty” faces, whereas the nuva ones(save maybe Gali’s) look gruff and ugly.

For instance…

It’s like the difference in aesthetic between a Streamlined new sports car and a big, old, ugly pickup truck.


I second this. The Nuva Kanohi were proportionally very odd and different (not in a good way IMO).


Guys the reason why there probably like ugly-iss is because of protodremis and the masks turned the mata masks with steriods.

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One paper cut and he’s dead!


I personally have no problems with the Nuva masks.


Oh, I know!
Nuva masks look like Ninja Turtles, and i hate Ninja Turtles.
Case solved.

I don’t really mind the Nuva masks, but I’ve never liked them quite as much as the originals and agree with many of the criticisms here. However,

I think the reason they were so big is so that their heads wouldn’t look too small compared to their beefed-up torsos. Have you ever put a Mata mask on one of the Nuva? It makes it look as if they have shrunken heads. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun fact, never owning any of the Toa Nuva, I used to think that Pohatu Nuva and Lewa Nuva’s masks were the same, just recoloured. :stuck_out_tongue: (Mostly because the image shown in the Bionicle Encyclopedia book had a brown Miru Nuva shown instead of a Kakama for some reason).

They do look similar though…


Rookie mistake.