The Toa Nuva


So this has been my project for a few weeks. I finally built them all! Some turned out better than others, for sure. I couldn’t really redeem Gali Mistika, but I tried anyway. Anyway, tell me what you think!
Also… which of these should I do next?

  • Exo Toa Revamp
  • Makuta Thanos

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Gravity hurts Guitar riff extended!!

Very nice! one of the best revamps I’ve seen in a while.

Gali’s hook is a bit weird though.


Thanks! [quote=“ProfSrlojohn, post:2, topic:50009”]
Gali’s hook is a bit weird though.
[/quote] Yeah, I had to give her something besides a generic blaster, and she had hooks before, so I figured I’d go with that. I was running low on the right colored parts when I got to her.

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It just looks kinda short. Bulk up the arm a bit. Maybe put two of the hooks side by side?

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Most of them look great. I think the best are Kopaka and Lewa, they just look really solid. Pohatu is good, but he doesn’t seem accurate to his original form which was smaller, using te Kongu Mahri chest, and this revamp made him pretty tall. Good job.

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I think Gali needs a bigger gun, similar to her set form. The one she has right now feel way to small, and the hook in the other hand doesn’t fit that well either.

Other than that, I like them all. Nice job!

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I love it!
These are really cool.


Gali’s Neck. It’s way too thin and off putting with that giant, tall helmet

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They look really good, and hey I liked your take on Gali, to give her more feminine feel.

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As an alternative, if you have access to the Gali set from 2015, you could use the axe blade(s) to do a variant of her Aqua Axes. That might be better size-wise.

Great job on all of these revamps! Lewa and Pohatu are my favorites. I might have liked Onua to be a little bulkier (his lankiness was one of the problems I had with the original Mistika set), and I think Kopaka’s rifle could be a tad thicker in the middle of the barrel, where it gets a little thin (a pair of the pieces you used for the end of the scope would be perfect, IMO). Other than that, excellent job!

(Makuta Thanos sounds pretty rad, BTW…I’d love to see that!)


YES, YES. I love these all, they’re great.


The attempt was admirable :stuck_out_tongue:

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These are good! I for one never really disliked the 2008 Toa designs (except for Gali I mean really what were they thinking) and I think these are excellently done.


Tension is rising…
gravity huuuurrrtttsss
These are very tastefully done. You added just enough to keep the essence of the original designs. The body of Gali was good but it’s a shame the mask is terrible for a female moc.


Understatement of the century!