The Toa Oristoles

The toa oristoles are half mutated toa with the task of protecting metru nui and are the only one of 3 toa teams left on spherus magna

Tamorlus toa of fire

Sukorlak toa of plasma

Bonorlus toa of plantlife

Volora toa of lightning

Korlix toa of ice

Fanorox toa of magnetism

The whole toa team


cool mocs also I notice pokemon in the backround and origami yoda books


Try to armor them up, some of them look very scrawny.

Also, you have a yellow half-bushing stuck between the tape on the box lid....might wan't to get that out. smile

The toa oristoles were made when BNK first became king to be his guards but later became the guards of metru nui as sperus magna progresses in its reforms of the planet

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Is that an arrow of light in the background? Did they change it? About the mocs, they're pretty spindly, but not bad.

The color schemes are messed up and the builds are very simplistic.

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Science giraffe theyre supposed to be a little mutated like the inika

Oh, ok.

What even is this...?

At first I thought they were entries in @Pot8o's MoC contest thing.

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Same here. Sorry, @BNKHawaii, but the MOCs need some work. wink

I made an update to them but i will post the pictures as soon as i can

Still remeber they were half mutated

Half-Mutated, yes, but the story should not make the MOC, it should be the build.

Im posting new pics now with new elements for most of them