The Toa Praesidium

The stars of my upcoming story Bionicle Guardians, which is a continuation of the G1 of Bionicle, beginning where 2010 ended.

Toa Fortis

The Leader, my Self-MOC, and a Toa of Fire, who was from Voya Nui. He also has a bow and arrow.

Toa Monson

A Toa of Stone from Mata Nui/Metru Nui, and Fortis' deputy.

Toa Macku

That's right, Macku is now a Toa of Water! I dont have a blue Huna however, so the mask will look different.

Toa Hunelu

A Toa of Air also from Mata Nui/Metru Nui.

And Finally...


Yep, he's with the these guys now. I'd tell you why, but spoilers :/.

I am aware that Takanuva and Macku have the same weapon, and I'd tell you why, but, again, spoilers.


First thing I would like to say

get a better quality photo taking device
srsly, I cant see very well in these photos

Your self moc is okay, but the proportions are a little off
actually, the proportions for most of these seem fairly off to me

Monson on the other hand
The yellow and the red, they are both out of place for a toa of earth
and I cannot tell whats going on with the zamor launcher

she is probs the best, not gonna lie, but the back is a bit less covered

gonna be a little harsh with this one
But what is it?
honestly, it looks like its from voya nui too
Does it have four arms?

I really dont understand it
also, random red is random
its okay, a little skinny, but okay


Wait, earth?

Aw crap, I meant stone. I'll fix that. As for the red, I have way too much red and way too little everything else.

spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers

As for the four arms, two are arms, two are insect wings.

See, I would, but money is an issue.

a phone could work

I use my parents iphone to take pictures of my mocs

If anyone in your family has a okay smartphone with an okay camera, it should improve the quality
I would also suggest lighting, and other stuffs

I used an iPad 0.o

yeah, you definitely need to work on your lighting... stuck_out_tongue And I think my favorite is either Takanuva, or Toa Fortis. The others' proportions are a bit off.

I like takanuva and macku, monson is also okay, but hunelu is very skinny for me and monson... well, I can see what have you done here, but it seems he is very short and I didn't get the red hands or arms ( one of these)

then its your lighting, I suggest either taking pics outside, or using a lamp to light up the area

Bionicle: Guardians.
Halo 5: Guardians.
Sammy Spartan.
Halo Spartan.
Sammy is alternate universe Master Chief.

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External seething

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You're a Halo 3: ODST.