The Toa: Together Again on Spherus Magna

Hi everyone!

For the BIONICLE themed Lego Ideas contest, I continued an idea form several months ago, and revamped the classics, creating my takes on how Tahu, Onua, Lewa, Kopaka, Gali, and Pohatu would look reunited together on Spherus Magna.

Each has a working gearbox feature, with Pohatu even having his trademark upside down kicking function, as well as each respective Toa’s classic color scheme. However, I did try to take some inspiration from their other iterations, with both Onua and Gali having Toa Tools that call to mind their respective Uniter weapons. Lewa’s katana are essentially his Master weapons.

I was careful to have this team share a similar frame, but without falling into clone territory. I think I succeeded, if I may say.

It was surprisingly fulfilling to remake the original Toa/Toa Nuva, and I think these takes balance modern functionality while still paying respect to the past.

Hope you enjoy!


Sweet Mata nui, are these amazing! they’ve got gear functions, they’ve got actual hand pieces (Except Tahu) the reimagined weapons are great- i could easily see these as G3 bionicle toa- excellent work.


@Enbeanie Thanks a lot! There was a fair amount of care and work poured into each, so I really appreciate the compliment. I tried Tahu with a normal hand, and it look strange when his left arm has his classic two finger piece, which I wasn’t going to do without. The gear function is probably what I’m most proud of, as it in particular was tricky.

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oh super cool
i agree with heyzorks!
a few just front images would be nice tho


@Rhyla416 Thank you! Unfortunately, I’ve already packed these guys up. I’ll post more In the future.


Ooh these Toa look really good! I really like how similar they look to the originals, nice job!

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@Rukah Thank you, that was the goal!

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Beautiful, just beautiful.

Submit this for Legos 90th?


@Takutanuva Thanks a lot! Yes, I did, and fingers crossed!


cool revamps

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@Eilrach Thank you as always for the praise!

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