The Toa Xenon

White Toa - Gasket, Toa of Ice (SelfMOC)
Black Toa - Ledok, Toa of Obsidian
Red Toa - Keyon, Toa of Fire
Darker red Toa - Alkantara, Toa of Iron
Green Toa - Venocus, Toa of Acid

Tell me what I can improve on these MOCs. I like the builds, but I feel like some of them could improve, mainly Ledok and Alkantara.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the images; it’s sideways and squashed in the preview… IDK how to fix it.


I can easily tell your new here, but the moc are ok

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Thanks. I’m still a greenie here.


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i don’t like the blue don’t use the stormer drones (acid)

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Should I just remove the stickers then? Or does the silver clash too?

Alright, I’m going to say my opinions of all these MOCs.

This is one of the better ones in my opinion. My only criticism is that the head looks big, but that’s a bit of a nitpick.
Okay, I’m going to be honest, this MOC isn’t that good in my opinion. I’d recommend adding more armor or changing the torso build. The shoulders don’t look great either.
The torso looks weird and the lower arms look bad, but besides that it’s one of the better ones.
This is my favorite one out of these, but I don’t think that the legs look very good. The ball joint on the waist looks weird as well.
This is also one of the better ones in my opinon, but the torso seems way too wide and the Stormer drones don’t look good with the color scheme, but the latter can be fixed by removing the stickers.

This is just my opinion though. Also, welcome to the Boards!


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll see about downscaling Gasket’s head a bit, maybe by removing some pieces or swapping them out.

I’ll rummage around my parts collection to see if I can reconstruct Ledok’s torso and add some armor to him, replacing the Rahkshi coverings.

I may try redoing Keyon’s torso; it’s made using two different HF parts and I tried to go for something that could articulate. IDK, I’ll see how that can be improved.

On Alkantara’s build, it’s really just because I was running out of older Bionicle parts to use. I’ll see if CCBS pieces could be used to make them look better. And maybe I’ll build a custom lower torso to eliminate the open ball joint.

I’ll take the advice on Venocus and and try to reduce his torso width without having to compromise on posability. And I agree, the removal of the stickers should help tie the color scheme together.

Again, thanks for the feedback, and the welcoming! :smiley:

Xenon? Like the chemical element?

Gasket: His head is extremely weird. He looks more like an alien than a Toa. His shoulders seems to stick out too much, and I think that the ‘over-designed’ lower legs are out of place and block the leg articulation.
Ledok: His body is too thin and the overall proportions are weird. Let’s not forget of the open pins. But the concept of a ‘Toa of Obsidian’ could be interesting to explore.
Keyon: All of his limbs stick out WAAAY to much and his overall build is pretty messy.
Alkantara: His whole build and proportions are also pretty messy. And for the record, in the G1 continuity the Toa of Iron were orange.
Venocus: OK, why does he have like 5 elbows on each arm?

Try to improve your mocs. Especially the build: bulky lower legs, multiple connection points on the limbs and limbs that stick out won’t help the moc in any way. You should also make separate topics with more photos and backstories that might help! And for the sideway photos, I think this happens when you post the photos on your phone.

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