The Toa's fighting styles [Pitch][Characters]

When I make stories with my characters, I like to know how they fight. Otherwise, it's just characters throwing powers and weapons at each other.

So far, TTV haven't even touched upon this aside from brief mentions of how Kopaka fights, him being very elegant, but what does that mean, and what about the others?

Tahu: Tahu doesn't fight; he spars. Every fight with him is a big ordeal, With Tahu doing his best to show off all of his best moves, and also let his opponent show off theirs -- the more flashy an enemy, the more amazing it is when he wins, right? He even likes to let his opponent deal a blow on him sometimes, just to add "suspense"

Iceguy: The Ice Toa is very analytical, and spends the first half of a fight watching his opponent, figuring them out. Then he changes it up, and strikes where you can't block, blocks before you can strike. Occasionally, he will watch an opponent fight someone else (or watch them try to hit Gali) to get an idea of how they attack, then the Ice Toa will take over and finish the fight.

Gali: Hitting Gali is like trying to strike a fly in mid-air. Gali doesn't fight back against an opponent, instead letting them tire themselves out trying to hit her. Then, when they are out of energy, she deals the final blow. (Or she lets Pohatu do it; Pohatu really likes dealing a final blow)

Pohatu: Pohatu only knows one attack: the final one. He relies upon speed and often times ambush or surprise, making the first strike, and always the most powerful, and ending it right then and there. Whenever an opponent is able to resist that strike, and the fight goes beyond the first strike, Pohatu's in trouble. Usually, he will try to pull back, then come in again and make another attempt at a finishing blow.

Onua: Onua is the strongest, and he uses it to his advantage. He doesn't even bother with blocking, just charges in and beats the living cows out of the enemy, swinging like a maniac. At least, that's what he wants you to think. His blows are all carefully selected to first hinder their ability to attack, then strike at their weakest points. And he's smart enough to pull back if an enemy is stronger than he is.

Lewa: Lewa is not a frontal fighter. Instead, she tries to get behind you, strike at an opponent's back. She will slip under your attack and get behind you, and then by the time you turn around, she's already on the other side, striking again. She doesn't do so well against Rahi that have no real front or back, though!



These are some really cool ideas.

It's really interesting to see the different ideas other people have.

In my opinion, the Toa's fighting styles should all be based off of real life martial arts. Tahu gives off a very kung-fu vibe to me, since that style is usually more aggressive. Gali has always seemed like she would use some form of fighting Tai-Chi, obviously the flowing movements mimic water. Onua, being the element of Earth, seems like a grappler of some sort, maybe Jiu Jitsu? Pohatu is the most confusing for me. I guess kickboxing? I do agree that he should be extremely aggressive, and the blunt style in kickboxing would make sense in my opinion. Icey McDude I could see as a ninjitsu fighter. Lewa could function as a ninjitsu kiddo, or maybe Aikido. That's my two cents anyways.

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Pohatu always seemed to me like the kind of fighter that would unleash a flurry of blows instead of a 1-hitter, but instead of being smart about it like Onua, he would just puch/kick wherever he can, maybe sometimes using the terrain to his advantage like blinding enemies with sand in the desert.

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Duplonicle wouldn't approve of fighting. /s


I actually like the idea of Pohatu being a Wing-Chun fighter more than a plain old boxer.

I don't think I quite agree 100%, but I like the idea of this, and most of the ideas. Kopaka goes perfectly with the personality I gave him in the thread for that.

Agreed, being in the scorching desert all the time, you'd think stamina would be his number one asset, probably the Toa who would last the longest in a fight.

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My one thing, is I'd make Lewa be almost overconfident in her abilities. Like she often goes in without a plan. Kinda ties into the grand tradition of Lewa getting in over his/her head in the past.

That being said, I really like these. I particularly like the idea of Tahu's. I can see some cool story stuff being done with him endangering his friends when he's trying to show off, and him having to kinda learn from that. Basically I keep seeing a bunch of character development possibilities in these ideas :laughing:

I would've thought that Onua would be pretty good at Boxing, still being slower than the others, but being able to take more damage.

I would think that gali would be like water and flow around the enemy seamlessly and strike in small hits until the enemy can no longer fight.
Pohatu i would think is relentlessin causing the first and last hit.
I like all the ideas that you got going but, how would the toa fight with their weapons is a question to ask.

I like this

Gali; uses a range of acrobatics and jumping
Pohatu: is very good at kicking, when he combies with onua into Onatu, they're a very good all around fighter, one problem they rely on their brute power because their elements aren't strong
Onatu; A good fighter with strength and a grumpy combiner
Galewa; a good acrobat and flier, she bumbles around wanting to be free
Kopahu: A brave bossy toa who can use his powers of fire and ice to create gasses and poisons one problem, his two halves are arguing more than working together

Or Baguazhang