The Traveler- Drecko8893

The Traveler is the last of his people in Okoto after the skull spiders attacked his tribe in the dessert. After the event The Traveler started to walk Okoto trying to find the man who sent the skull spiders to kill his people so he can grab his revenge.
I got inspired by the element of stone and since I wanted a dessert theme character I thought this would be a good design for it.


I think this should go into the lego creations category.

oh cheers I didn't know that was a category thanks.

I... question the weird physique, mask on butt and the Bohrok limbs on the shoulders, but I see what you're getting at

Most parts were to make the colour scheme more spread out and I needed to bulk him out a bit so that is why I put the bohrok limbs as shoulder guards the mask doesn't hinder articulation which is good. But thanks for your thoughts.

The color scheme is weird, and the torso is too long. 4/10

Try making him a bit shorter and make the torso bulkier.

Thanks for the thoughts mate I'll modify the torso and his waste but I still want to have good articulation in the torso so I'm going to have to find a way to work round that.

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I find that's detrimental to the overall look of the moc, I would suggest some color blocking to make things less cluttered looking.

Thanks were do you think I can do that?

do you have any plans on getting/ already have greivous?
because if not I'd suggest ditching the tan for silver,

if yes use tan on the upper limbs, and focus on one shade of brown, having mata, metru, and burnt orange along with the tan is a bit much.

layer the silver on the top layer as armor, then brown/tan.

also the lower limbs aren't that great, gappy and awkward looking, and a ton of open ball joints on the lower legs.

and for a G2 moc there is very little ccbs.

Thanks I will ditch the tan cos I'm not planning on getting grevious and I got a couple of parts to make the lower leg less gappy and in gonna start fresh with the arms and upper legs and try to add some more burnt brown to the design thanks for the help.

Oh...... I was almost expecting a large silver sphere, but this works too..... s/
It looks cool! My only problem is the contrasting shades of brown, but that's just me. I haven't seen a Po-MOC in a while, aside from Pohatu, so this is certainly a breath of fresh air!

Thanks the tan is going to go and be replaced with burnt brown.

That will make it much better! :smiley:

Yeah it will I'm just going to have to find a way to get the shoulder amour where the tan is.

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