The TRUE Omega Tahu

That other Omega Tahu is a sham! This is the true Omega Tahu, constructed from the parts of all the Tahus from the past!

BEHOLD! From the fires of Karz, comes OMEGA TAHU!

(Hopefully it's obvious that this is a joke. This looks terrible and the image quality is disgusting. Ven's Omega Tahu is glorious, it couldn't be portrayed better.)


overomega 9000 tahu smiley

While it may be just a joke, I actually like the fact that it's made from the parts of past Tahu's XD

Like the Tahu dynasty or something. Seems very Optimus Prime-ish.


Instructions for anyone interested:

(My fans are probably confused, this isn't the kind of content I normally put out. And keeping this website a secret means I can't properly explain it.)


Oh, crap! I completely forgot to take that disclaimer off! It's not secret anymore; you can totally tell people about this place! We've launched, so we actually encourage you to tell everyone you know =P

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I really do like this one. it seems to add something new to Tahu, while maintaining everything from his past. It also looks like a titan, which is really what comes to mind when I think Omega Tahu. It seems to have a great deal of poseability, and it looks quite nice. there's a very consistent color scheme of silver, red, orange, and dark red, and it looks like Tahu
Now let's move onto the cons. It is very bulky. I doubt you could display it on any standard shelf. It's just too tall. Another one would be that it does use all the parts of the previous Tahus. You cannot have any part of the other four when this is together. Now, that's a problem with all combiner models, so it is nitpicking a bit. A final one might be the random pieces of black, and the blue pins. As this set is made up of the parts of Tahu Mistika, it does suffer from blue pin syndrome.
That's it for today, Next time I will be going over Alpha Kopaka, and I will see you then.

This has been a parody of @Eljay 's Recap Reviews.


A Tahu made up of Tahus.

Greatest MOC of all time.


Eh, Venom's is better. So I'd say this one's the sham.

yo dawg ,we heard you like Tahu ,so we put a Tahu in yo Tahu in yo Tahu in yo Tahu so u can play with yo Tahu while you play with yo Tahu while you can play with yo Tahu while you can play with yo Tahu.


Now do this with the other Toa Nuva! (Including Takanuva)


Noooooooo Taking too many pieces...

(Besides, I don't have the vehicle versions of Pohatu and Lewa and 2008 Takanuva is already Omega enough.)

I actually really like the fact that you made this out of all the Tahu sets. The execution is surprisingly very well done, the colors are spread out decently, and I love the foot design.

Impressive work, good sir.


He was until the Stars came along, he's the size of an agori now and poses as the ice character of that year, quite a let down thos sets were in my opinion. They weren't bad in themselves, but they were merely worthy of the status of small set of the year, because around 15 pieces per star, that's really dissapointing.

Omega Prime

Challenge accepted.