The TTV Podcast 1 Discussion Topic

Is there anyone else who saw the first TTV podcast?

A time with no Kahi, no Ven, no Viper.
A time of no Mardi Gras and no Biocraft.
A time where Meso was not Speaking with 100% Certainty.
The time of Alena...

Anyways, was it a great start to everyone's favorite podcast? Discuss. smile

[Also, if any Mods find this Topic useless, I'm completely fine with its closure]


I watched it for the first time a few months ago. It was pretty cool seeing what the podcast was like way back then.

Also, it was a time when Var advertised Kanohi Journal instead of! stuck_out_tongue


U skrub.
First watch the opening episode of iBZP, then come talking.
Needless to say this has horribad audio. The other landmark I would suggest checking out is #23 (the first episode on YouTube).


Now, now. PluralLego is a scrub. I'm just a Squib.

Do you have a link? I've been wanting to see it.

What r u talking about? It's Amazetastic! /s

Someday, we will have a discussion topic for every TTV Episode! :smile: Not really :confused:

For iBZP, just look it up on itunes under TTV. It should come up somewhere. If you can't use itunes, then you can watch the third episode on podomatic.


I heard it a little while ago

I have this episode on my mp4 player and no matter what I do I can't delete it for some reason... So I've listened to it many times while driving and mowing the lawn.

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Isn't that all time?


It wasn't even a concept yet. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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Where van I find this episode of the podcast, come on, I need to make fun of them. Please?..

Do you have a link so I cat listen to it?

@Helryx @EvilLobsterKing I listened to it on iTunes under The TTV Podcast.

Here is a link to the iTunes page:


Thanks, I'll give it a listen...


Same. Thanks man!

Check out a website called Pod-o-matic, or something like that, I don't quite remember what it was called... I would recommend iBZP number 8, the first one with eljay. Boy, did he sound different back in 2009...

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I love LJ's voice. (Yes LJ not Eljay) I never knew that he could have an even higher pitch voice.


Wait, who are Kraahlix and Greshios?