The TTV Podcast 154 Discussion Topic

In this week’s episode, Var (and Kahi) obtain Summer 2015 BIONICLE Sets and discusses them at length, we give an update on last week’s Great Debate, and everyone shares some hilarious stories. It’s a great episode, and we hope you all enjoy!



Now I have a 2 hour long Makuta fest video and an hour long podcast to listen to…yay. :smirk:

I have 15+ podcasts 2 recap reviews the entire cronicler coverage and makuta fest not to mention my stopmotion series I am working on yup I’m booked for at least a month

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@Random_great_being, that must suck. :disappointed:

Also, could someone explain to me why Var started screaming at Viper immediately after she muttered Mardis Gras?

@Rockho I think they are trying to break the Mardis Gras trend. Who knows?

She didn’t wait!


I’m extremely scared of cockroaches too, I got cornered by one for several hours
it was a severely traumatic moment

@Dagarak_The_Melon_Knight How long ago was this?

the experience was about 5 years ago when I was 10-11
I saw that horror on the wall and it flew towards me, I ran into the bathroom and it followed me right onto a shelf, we came to a standoff for an hour or more before t finally flew towards me again. I had no choice but to charge at it and cover my head hoping it wouldn’t touch me. There were some other things during the ordeal that led to my mom being pulled over because she was coming back from work and I kept calling her while she was driving

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Wow, just wow. :cry:

Who’s ready for Biocraft II, Coming out 20XX? /s

It was really bad, to this day I get like a sudden shiver whenever I see a cockroach, even just a picture. Guess Var was right as describing it as ptsd

One of the reasons to why I bought big catterpillar boots(around 12 size) is to smash cockroaches to oblivion, oh and that is also the reason to why I keep old newspapers rolled up

Kahi got the sets in the mail on air, and didn’t open them right then and there? I woulda torn into those things… like a mouse.


My thoughts exactly, lol.