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This week, TTV has its first guest host in a long time, discusses the Mata Nui island controversy, and reminisces about G1 and its many flaws.



It was nice to hear Lady K as a guest, especially because she put into words why the Story end of Bionicle never sat well with me. This is the first time in a long time I was able to take off the nostalgia goggles and look at Bionicle Objectively. Normally I like open-ended endings because they leave room for the viewer/reader/listener's imagination to create their own stories.

Take for instance, the end of the Eragon/Inheritance books. The final chapter of the final book wraps up everything, ties up loose ends we didn't even know we had, and leaves little room for the reader to take the story for themselves. That's a bad ending because all the mystery is gone and it is too close-ended. But, then there's an ending like Return of the Jedi, where the viewer gets a satisfying conclusion but can also easily imagine what would happen next, it's a good ending because enough is resolved and enough mystery is left to leave the view wanting just a little bit more. and then there's Spherus Magna. Characters are all over the place, Mata Nui is asleep, AGAIN! REALLY? and there are too many loose ends that feel important. Such as Marendar, Angonce, the Gold-Skinned Being, and that accursed Red Star. Too much mystery, and not much feels accomplished in the long run.

Also, as for the Mata Nui island on the Mask of Control, My theory is that the Toa are going to be sent off to leave Okoto for Mata Nui. Ekimu will say something like:

"Well now that I'm alive again, You Toa should check out the Island of Mata Nui. They were a good trading partner back in the day, and you should let them know that Okoto is back in the mask-making business! The villagers on that island are always wanting new masks. But my brother Makuta said something about visiting there before he went all crazy, so I'm going to upgrade your masks, weapons, and armor a bit before you go. Oh, and watch out. I hear that the island of Mata Nui's got some serious problems with poaching, so try and keep any creatures you find nice and safe."


Solek is dead.
but not in my heart


I would've never guessed that Meso had a southern accent...

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Watch Meso talk with a southern accent from now on. :laughing:

It used to just be how I naturally spoke, but I find it difficult to actually trigger it nowadays. It just slips through in some of my words and phrases. My closest southern accent is like my Hewkii voice. XD



Ah. That was you.

It was a great to see Lady K on the Podcast known her for many years and it was such a great podcast I hope she comes on again in the future

One day...One day I will guest speak on the podcast. I don't care what I have to do, EVEN IF I HAVE TO PEIRCE THE HEAVENS WITH MY MIGHTY DRILL! LET'S DO IT GURREN LAGAN!

Dang it, I just nerded out, sorry about that. Lol....

Anyways, G1's ending....wait, what ending? To my knowledge, G1 wasn't finished. And dang, the thing with Tuyet is convoluted. I never properly kept up with the G1 storyline, so I had no idea this was going on. I recently found out about the specifics of Tuyet, but it never sank in until I listened to this episode

And yes, I finally watched the podcast on Vessel... Don't know what took me so long.

a lot of people talk about the ending of BIONICLE, but aside from the serials, the ending was fine. The books ended perfectly fine, leaving the world of Spherus Magna to explore. The serials ruined that.

Which was a good thing I didn't never read any.


You and me both, hopefully...
Probably not. GOOD LUCK!

I'm not worried, I got aces up my sleeves. I will guest speak... it just may take a while. Like I said "One day...One day..."

I always thought Lady Kopaka was a guy. : P

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Why on earth would you think that?


Same reason why I thought Venom was Asian when I first saw him, even though I knew he was Mexican.

A lot of people are talking about being a guest on there and it's odd as the guest they have had are great people from the Bionicle community who have made art stories and I think it should not be ones goal to be on the podcast but to make the Bionicle community as a whole like many of the guest have done.

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You can't kill a god!

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(Venom isn't Mexican tho)


You sir haven't played Morrowind.

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