The TTV Podcast 170 Discussion

I apologize that this episode was recorded before the finalized BIONICLE pictures emerged on Lego’s cache; the pics we reference in this episode were still the box images with confidential markings. ;_;

Regardless, [Episode 170 - Diamond Dreams is now live on Vessel!][1] Go check it out!



What appeared in Meso mind:


It may not be the Island of Mata Nui, but the circular area definitely isn’t flat so I can’t blame Meso for being entirely out of his mind. But it’s still kinda hard to believe that you saw the definitive shape of a diamond instead of something else.


You know what I have noticed? There’s “Solek isn’t funny” comments… There better not be a flood of these comments it’s just as bad as making a Solek joke imo

I have to say, Fire hydrant guy is a jerk. That little prank was not funny. I may not live in a apartment complex, but I can tell a situation like that is unbelievably annoying.


@Eljay , I’m confident that you have at least ONE fan who would go to your funeral.

Although, they could also be after your Miru.

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As someone who is primarily a mocist i am really looking forward to the gahli set.

Yeah… the picture I was looking at during the video was much lower resolution and blurrier so it was easier to make that mental connection. I swear that it’s what I saw. T_T



Fire hydrant? You mean fire extinguisher?

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I have to applaud @Mesonak for how gallantly he handled his humiliation at the discovery that he was incorrect.
My, Meso, not only did you admit it in the Finalized Pictures video, but you even edited the podcast and will probably get chastised for it in TTV Podcast #171 :clap: :clap: :clap:

Meso, you are correct. There are actually 2 diamonds on the MoCo.