The TTV Podcast 178 Discussion

The TTV Podcast 178: White Never Changes is now up on Vessel! Check it out, and I hope you all enjoy!



Hardly 1 minute into the podcast and Var is 3 spooky 5 me


I hope vessel doesn't replace youtube, i can't get vessel to work right.

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We will see whether Vessel will work today...

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Yay the video work. But still can't sign up yet. But I have no money to pay the three dollars a month after the free month yet any way.

Well, it has stopped working.
Maybe I will finish it some time...

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At least YouTube works... For the most part any way.😸

Okay, let me talk about stickers. I agree with Takuma 100%. I HATE Stickers. Prints are always superior than stickers in every way. Here's why: If I accidentally put a sticker on wrong, It's stuck that way forever. If I accidentally put an armor clip-on on the wrong way, I can just pick it off and put it back on. If I want to remove a sticker, I run the risk of ripping it or leaving residue on the piece. Stickers have to either stay on a piece forever or ruin a piece forever. And the set looks incomplete if I don't put the stickers on, leaving me with this compulsion to actually use them. Stickers cause too much stress, and building Lego sets should never be stressful.



I must be, like, a master at stickers or something, cause I almost always put them on perfectly. I also like that stickers can be reused for MOCs.

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On the upside, stickers mean that LEGO doesn't have to make two pieces: one with the print, and one without the print. But on the downside, they can be hard to put on, and devastating to tear off.

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In regards to stickers;

What is more expensive?

Making Stickers OR Making Printed Parts?

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Pohatu went from utter garbage to best 15 dollar Toa...looks like having the set in hand really does make a difference.

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I want to get Kopaka and Melum now.

In regards to stickers. They are always viewed in my eyes as the cheap and lazy way out of things creating an inferior product. When sets today such as the Ideas sets or the Dimensions sets or the Nexo Knights can have tons of new printed pieces, having stickers is just a let-down.

The stickers peel, or rub off or generally get scraped more easily than printed pieces would lose their decals. I have never had a sticker last more than a few months of sitting on a shelf and it'd probably be worse if played with more. When removed the sticker can also cause shading issues on varying pieces, given it prevents the light touching the piece where the sticker has been, this is especially notable on white Lego pieces which turn yellow-ish or cream-ish over time.

Which is one of the main reasons that the stickers are so hated with Kopaka, because the stickers will have the worst affect on him over time. Now granted i don't mind the leg stickers on the 2015 version as the leg piece they were on was new and they may have seen more value in allowing customising than tarnishing that with printing. Yet pieces on the 2016 sets that had the stickers were not new and could have been printed. It seems he's cursed with stickers.

Well, they need to make the parts in either situation anyway... so the question is really whether printing an image onto plastic is more cost effective than printing an image onto a bit of plastic attached to a bit of card/paper/plastic.

Honestly probably works out to the same.