The TTV Wiki!

Hey guys check the wiki out- I changed the icon to match the message board's.


Wonderful! I was wondering how I was going to get the icon. But it seems you got that taken care of.

BTW, I got some of the achievements done. I need to finish the rest, but what we got should be good for now!

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I had this idea long ago. Nice to see someone fulfilled it smiley

I made pages for five of the eight current cast members. All you need is Venom, Exx, and Meso. I know nothing about Exx, and not much about Meso's or Venom's background, but I'll gladly do their more recent history.
Edit: your main page lists Kini as a cast member, but I know less about Kini than I do about Exx.

Okay, shoot. I'll need to get off for the night, because I need to sleep. Make sure to remove the little boxes on the page for pictures. All you need to do is go to their corners and click remove.

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19 days since the last post. Golly gee how times flies in dead topics...


HEY GUYS. We need more contributors on the wiki now.

You can now help edit with episodes, or talk about Trends and Tropes in the TTV Community!

Read the updates here:


but chronicler

ttv said that wikis are stupid in Episode 140


This one isn't stupid because Chronicler made it. /s

Seriously, though, this wiki has only really been edited by people from these boards. I'd call it trustworthy.


well at any rate yall could use some help

i mean seriously its kinda barebones at the moment

i won't make any promises, but i might be able to help once school is done for me

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Thinking about helping, may do so soon. Will attempt to correct all grammatical errors and/or spelling.

I'd appreciate it. :smiley:

Oh Karzahni, this was a thing.

Yes, I completely forgot about this wiki. I feel bak about that.

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Hey you guys should totally head over to the wiki and help build it up some more. I was going to make a new topic but this is here so yeah.

Do it.


Wait, TTV has a wiki?

What about a list of podcasts?

I should do that. Probably start at 100 and go from there. We might include all 189.

Is it bad that I knew this existed before I entered this topic?

No. Not at all. That means you're kewl.


I know I am a bit late to help
but recently I thought, I can help

I have added an infobox that can help sort out stuff (such as nicknames, likes, dislikes and their first appearance)
but I do need a lot of help with a lot of stuff

  • Alterations of some of the URLs (mainly Kahi's and Phweff's)

  • addition of more info

  • Creation of new pages as well


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