The TTV Wiki!

As only 1% of you know, me and Risebell made a TTV wiki.

Of course, we kinda need some help with it. If you are a wikia expert, we could use some help regarding templates! I honestly am not good at making templates, and I usually just steal them from other wikis and mess around with them to make them look like my own. So I need some help with that.

We also got tons of info to add onto the wiki! Pages for the cast members, pages for the series and their episodes, and a whole lot more.

I'm hoping that you guys can use this as a database to know more about TTV and it's history, and it would be lovely if you guys pitched in and helped out!

Thanks! ~Chronicler.


That's nice! Now since I, a Scrub/Newb who joined just several months ago, can now have a source of information about TTV before I joined

Adds the TTV wiki to his collection of wikis


Oh, cool.

If you ever need me, give me a PM. I'm pretty good at removing vandalism and spam.

I'm good with regular character templates, if that's of any use to you.

I do have a Wikia account, so I could help you whe-
...Aaaand I realized that I lost my password.
Contact Imago Battra, I should have gotten access to my account again by then.


Sure. You can make one. Just as long as it is for the cast.

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Will we make pages for Guest Stars if they ever appear on the podcast?

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What kind of templates would you need

Some describing a person, like a TTV cast member, episode of something template, or a series template.

What information would you like the cast member infobox to have?

That thethreevirtues guy is pretty cool, but why did you make a wiki about him and not TTV?


I've been mentioned enough to deserve my own article stuck_out_tongue

Okay, I'm joking. This looks pretty cool though.


Hey! Someone made me an article. I has fans! stuck_out_tongue

Guys, just a friendly reminder: Don't make pages unless you know how to format them and the history behind them! Otherwise, the wiki will look junky!

Also, please don't edit the main page. I'm going to have to lock it because, to be honest, you guys are not supposed to actually edit it. stuck_out_tongue


Aw man. I thought my edits were alright. smile wink

For reference, I added the "Bionicle Autopsy" and "History of Bionicle" images to the front page slider.

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The Only edit I did to the main page was to link to Eljay's page, and I only did that to make an easy access to it.

Also, I accidently made a few edits to the Eljay page this morning without having logged in, and didn't realize it.

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It's alright. It's all taken care of. No need to feel bad. smile

How would something like

Real Name (if applicable)
Favorite Themes
Favorite Character/set
Hosts shows


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not that I'm in charge, but wouldn't this better serve as a section of the page? I think it'd have too much random info for the template. Just saying, @whoever's-in-charge-of-the-Wiki.


I currently am. And yes, @Hawkflight , we could make a template like that.